5 reasons to consolidate your text, email, & messaging

February 10, 2023

Why is church communication such a challenge?

One of the greatest ministry challenges facing church leaders is communication. Whether it’s coordinating volunteers, sharing prayer requests, or simply having a group conversation, managing multiple communication channels can be overwhelming. Adding to the complexity is the fact that there are dozens of different platforms used by your team members. 

Here’s a simple example: Think of all the ways your church’s small group leaders and members communicate with each other. One group may choose to send text messages, another creates a social media account for messaging, while another uses email. (Some groups may use all of these and more!) 

Juggling these tools may work for a while, but in the end, pastors and church leaders have to install multiple apps and attempt to keep track of notifications from each app, text group, and email. Trying to stay on top of these communications can seem like a never-ending task. Worse yet, leaders often don’t even have admin access to these tools, making them impossible to manage. 

Let’s take a look at some benefits your church can expect from uniting your group messaging, email, and SMS text messaging, and how you can easily bring these tools onto a single communication hub.  

5 reasons to consolidate your church’s communication tools

Reason #1: Improve coordination & consistency

When all of your church's communication tools are on a single platform, it becomes much easier to coordinate with your leaders and church members, while also ensuring that your communication stays consistent across each of your channels. 

When everyone uses various platforms for email, texting, and messaging, it can be difficult to ensure that messages are consistent and represent your church well. But when all of these tools are on a single platform like Subsplash One, people know which tools and channels to use, making it much easier to manage and control the tone and voice of your messaging. 

Reason #2: Increase efficiency & effectiveness

With all of your church's communication tools in one place, it becomes much easier to manage and track communications. This includes things like creating and scheduling messages, tracking open and click-through rates, and analyzing the effectiveness of different communications. It also reduces the number of steps for each task and improves the efficiency of your workflows. 

The Subsplash Dashboard reveals intelligent insights into how your community is engaging with your communications so you can learn and adjust your strategies for improvement. At the same time, you can also view important metrics of other tools, such as the number of your church app downloads, incoming donations, or how many people watch your church’s videos. These give you holistic engagement insights into all your communication efforts. 

Reason #3: Enhance church engagement & participation

When all of your church's communication tools are easily accessible and integrated, it can encourage more members to participate and engage with the community. For example, your members can easily find and register for small groups, start messaging with the group, and sign up for volunteer opportunities within Subsplash’s unified platform. Because they don’t have to leave your church’s environment, they stay more engaged without unwanted distractions.

The Subsplash Platform also allows frictionless engagement with your community by connecting your communication tools with your church’s mobile app, website, and TV apps. This allows you to send push notifications directly to your app users and connect with people watching your services online with Live Stream Chat

Reason #4: Reduce costs & complexity

Paying for separate communication software and monthly subscriptions can quickly add up. When all of your church's communication tools are on a single platform like Subsplash, it can reduce both the expense and complexity of maintaining and updating disparate systems. This can be especially beneficial for small churches that may not have the resources to manage multiple separate systems.

Reason #5: Become more flexible & scalable

Having a bunch of communication channels might not seem like a big deal when your church is small. However, the more your church grows, the more your leaders will feel frustrated with using such a disjointed set of tools. 

With all of your church's communication tools on Subsplash, it’s much easier to scale and adapt as your church grows and changes. You don’t have to worry about finding new features or integrations because those are taken care of for you!

Subsplash One—your church’s best communication solution

To make church communication simpler and more effective, the Subsplash Platform creates an entire communication ecosphere—bringing together your SMS text messaging, mass email, and group messaging tools, as well as push notifications and live stream chat—all on one platform! 

This helps to improve coordination and consistency across different channels, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and make it easier for members to participate and engage with your community. It can also reduce costs, complexity, and allows your software to scale and adapt as your church grows and changes.

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