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March 18, 2022


In an age when change happens so quickly, the value of good church communication is more important than ever. People are used to staying connected and up to date in their daily lives, so they appreciate when their church has clear, timely, and meaningful communication as well. 

For church leaders, it’s often difficult to keep track of the communication that is being sent out to large groups of people. This can lead to sending duplicate or overlapping emails, or simply too many emails, causing people to unsubscribe or ignore important messages. Or, similarly, it can result in under communication that makes people feel confused or unengaged with what’s happening in your community. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Mailouts, an easy-to-use and effective email builder that simplifies mass communication. Because Mailouts is fully integrated with Events and your People & Groups database, you don’t need to manage multiple email and church management software

Your church admins now have one place to communicate with your church when it’s needed most, as well as keep track of what messages have already gone out. Click on the video below to watch our recent announcement at The Drop!

Whether you're sending out a weekly church newsletter or a one-off email blast, it all happens in Mailouts. This simple email builder ensures you have the tools you need to keep people informed and connected.

Mailouts is just one more way we're helping to better connect, engage, and communicate with their communities. To see how Subsplash can help your church, schedule a demo today! Or, if you’re already a Subsplash client and would like to add Mailouts, you can log in to your Subsplash Dashboard and connect with your Client Success Manager!

Discover how Mailouts can simplify your  communication.

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