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Leading church live streaming

Reach your hybrid congregation in real time

Schedule, trim & publish live streams—all from one dashboard
Simultaneously stream your feed to Facebook & YouTube
Engage your audience with integrated chat & giving
Live stream chat

Authentic church live stream engagement

Streaming on the Subsplash Platform means your live content is powerfully integrated with your other digital tools. From a single dashboard, you can broadcast your content, engage your community through Live Stream Chat, and grow generosity with real-time giving interactions.

Streaming live church services

Share live streamed sermons everywhere

Subsplash Live makes it simple to broadcast your full HD church live stream to your mobile and TV apps, website, media library, and social media—all managed in one place.

Expand your reach

Ministry without restrictions

No ads, distractions, or third-party videos to distract from sharing the gospel message. Your church streaming content is always available for your community to discover.

Top church live stream features

Simplify your live streaming workflow

Simulated live

Want to record your content now and stream it live later? Simulated live gives your audience an immersive live experience with pre-recorded content.

Live stream trimming

Schedule and publish your live events, then trim files before they’re automatically added to your on-demand media library—all without leaving your dashboard.

Push notifications

Automatically alert your audience to upcoming live streams with push notifications to their phones.

Broadcast everywhere

Simultaneously live stream your content to Facebook Live, YouTube, and other popular platforms.

Live Stream Chat

Take online connections to the next level with group messaging that’s fully integrated with your live stream.

Giving interactions

Encourage generosity through timely, impactful engagement. Giving interactions prompt your viewers to donate without leaving the streaming experience.

Insights & analytics

Keep track of important metrics like total unique viewers, locations, devices, and average viewing duration.

Encoder support

Subsplash Live uses Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and supports a variety of hardware, software, mobile, and hybrid encoders.

Even more features to love

Repeating live streams
Create a repeating live stream to schedule your weekly events and customize settings such as chat, syndication, artwork, and more!
Setup support
Our team will help you set up your live stream to ensure you have the correct settings.
Live countdown
Let your audience know when your events will begin with countdowns that appear once you schedule live streams.
Adaptive quality
Video quality automatically adjusts based on the viewer’s internet speed, giving them the best possible viewing experience.
Instant on-demand
Live streams are automatically converted into on-demand content and instantly published to your Subsplash media library.
Stream health reports
Access live stream health reports, which include data about your live stream’s audio bitrate, video bitrate, connectivity, and more!

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Church Live Streaming FAQs

What are some benefits of live streaming for churches?

Church live streaming can reach a larger audience beyond regular physical attendance, engage members who are unable to attend in person, and create a sense of community with people from anywhere in the world.

What equipment do we need to start church live streaming?

The specific equipment you need depends on the unique needs of your church, but generally, you will need a camera, a computer or a streaming device, an encoder, and a strong internet connection.

Do your church streaming services work with YouTube and Facebook Live?

Yes, Subsplash Live syndicates your church live stream to Facebook and YouTube, so your audience can watch on social media as well as your website and church app.

Can our church live stream pre-recorded services and events?

Yes! With Subsplash Live simulated live, you can record, edit, and produce your content, and then stream it later as if it were a live stream.

When streaming live church services, are there any limits on who can watch?

Subsplash Live sends your live streamed services to your church app, website, and social media, which means anyone around the world with an internet connection can watch your church live stream, hear the gospel, and feel connected with your community!