Simple, seamless & secure check-in


The only check-in system built to drive deeper engagement

Powerfully integrated with your mobile app (coming soon)
Seamless one-time event & kiosk set up
Safe & secure check-in solution for all ages

Check-in software for every church, all ages, and any event—all on the Subsplash Platform.

Give your community the stress free, secure, and seamless check-in experience they’ve been waiting for.

Check In Software
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The simple & stress free check-in software to welcome your people

Seamless kiosk set up

Scan a QR code in your dashboard with your iPad to download the Kiosk app to quickly set up your check-in kiosk.

Integrated with Subsplash Events

Effortlessly set up one-time or repeating events in the Subsplash Dashboard and enable check-in for children, adults or all ages.

Seamless Kiosk Set Up
Wifi + bluetooth Printing

Quickly and efficiently print all check-in labels with built in wifi and bluetooth functionality.

WiFi + Bluetooth
Allergy and care notes

Parents can quickly make changes and edits during check-in for their child's allergy and care needs.

Allergy and Care
Insightful analytics

See real-time analytics and trends inside your dashboard for classes, kids check-in, attendance, and more.

Insights Analytics
Volunteer features

Volunteers can easily check people out, reprint labels, view attendance, and more.

Volunteer Features
Smart suggestions

Speed up check-in lines with suggested sessions data that remembers previous check-in details based on age or grade.

Smart Suggestions

It’s more than church management

The Subsplash Platform: everything your church needs to engage your community

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Check-In Software FAQs

What is check-in software?

Check-in software allows guests to safely and easily check-in to your events through a kiosk or mobile app. Subsplash Check-in tracks attendance of kids, adults, and volunteers that participate in childcare, Sunday school, and other church events.

What are the benefits of church check-in systems?

Church check-in systems help keep children safe and secure, streamline registration and sign-in processes, and help track attendance at church services and events. Subsplash Check-in captures household information so you can quickly see family relationships. Your volunteers can see roll call lists, view any special medical or allergy information, reprint labels, easily communicate with guests via text or Subsplash messaging, and quickly check guests out.

How does a church check-in kiosk work?

The Subsplash Check-in app simplifies guest check-ins by turning any iPad into a kiosk. Guests can simply enter a phone number or email address to look up (or create) their household, update details, and choose members for check-in. Designed for ease and security, our system ensures a quick, tap-and-go experience, complete with instant wireless label printing.

Is Subsplash check-in software easy to use?

Yes, Subsplash offers the simplest check-in software experience. Your church admins simply install the new Check-in app and connect to it by scanning a single QR code. Guests will love the simple kiosk interface, quick search features, and extra security PIN option.

Is it possible to check-in for an event before arriving?

Yes! Coming soon with Subsplash, your guests can check anyone in their household in and out before arriving. They’ll receive a unique QR code that can easily be scanned upon arrival. Best yet, this all happens right within your church’s mobile app!