Authentic church community starts here

Effortless communication & group management

Whether asking for prayer, discussing the latest sermon, or coordinating care for someone in need, Groups & Messaging on the Subsplash Platform offer a single place for your community to connect during the week, serve each other, and grow as disciples.

Group communication without distractions

No more switching between apps to communicate with your church. Groups & Messaging live on your church’s app and website and offer a distraction-free space for people to connect with your community!

Always know who’s engaged

Every person who engages with your church has a unique profile on the Subsplash Platform, giving you insight into who’s participating in groups and interacting with your community.

Safe & secure church engagement

Unlike third-party tools, Subsplash Messaging was built specifically for churches and includes security features like language and image filtering, plus the ability to block or remove users as needed. As a leader, you’ll have greater visibility into group conversation so you can keep your community safe and engaged.

More features to love

Platform integration

Messaging and groups are accessible on any device, and are fully integrated with your app and website on the Subsplash Platform

Bible & media integrations

Share scripture passages or media items from your church’s library right in the messaging experience.

Group messaging & announcements

Easily send announcements and messages to one or multiple groups

Group finder tool

Your people can search for and request to join small groups within your community

People & group management

Leaders can invite new members and create groups right from the Subsplash Dashboard

Multimedia messaging

Send and receive messages, emojis, photos, GIFs, and files with your group or an individual

Polls & prayer requests

Polls help groups gather feedback and make decisions together

Prayer requests

Prayer requests can be shared in any group and are easy to find in the “Prayer” tab

Churches love Subsplash

Thousands of churches of all sizes are building authentic community on the Subsplash Platform.

“Churches can create a sense of community using the messaging service.”


“Subsplash Messaging is fantastic, and our church loves it! It is a great way to stay connected.”


“Subsplash has turned into our church's primary means of communication with the congregation.”


“We love the ease of use for our congregation and the ability to connect them to the community.”

—Ricardo, Cedar Grove Baptist Church