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Designing for Delight

Our platform is inspired by a team of people who stay humble, make waves, and work hard with a passion to equip every church. We are passionate about partnering with churches and ministries through transforming mobile engagement, online giving, and media delivery. We are fueled to create, design, and deliver delight through simple and useable products for real people (like you)!



Subsplash is an innovation leader in mobile SaaS. We are blessed with a team of smart, fun, laser-focused people. As a design-centric company, we are dedicated to creating software experiences that delight our clients and users.


Our Values

Stay humble. Make waves. Work hard.



Humility is the key to collaborative creativity. We are designing for people who are engendered with dignity, value, and respect. This drives our philosophy of people-centered design.


We believe people were built to be creative — bringing order out of chaos. Subsplash takes this seriously, so we constantly seek to push the boundaries and pursue new success. We love to look closely, draw, think, design, critique, code, animate, experiment, write, explore, research, build, test, consult, create, and envision.


We love creating software experiences that inspire and delight. We work with forward-looking organizations to create great brands and experiences. We strive to work with care and intense attention to detail. We want our impact on the world to be lasting.


Join our team

We believe that it takes a diverse team—made up of unique stories, skills, and backgrounds—all focused on the same mission in order to create a truly innovative platform. Our team of curious engineers, inventive designers, passionate consultants, and gritty number-crunchers work together to shape the future of mobile engagement and equip thousands of churches and ministries to share meaningful content and connect with their audiences around the world.


Feedback from our employees


Employees give Subsplash an overall rating of 4.4 stars


Would recommend working at Subsplash to a friend


Approve of our CEO

Believe Subsplash is directed towards positive growth


Our leadership

We’d love for you to meet some of our team! Our dynamic group of leaders drive the vision of Subsplash forward as they uphold our core values of Innovation, Humility, and Excellence.


Perks and Benefits


Company Culture

We work hard, but we know how to have fun, too. We strive for excellence not only in the code we write, but also in our Spikeball serve. We are really just a 100-something person family working for the same company.

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Team Events

Every month we have company-wide catered lunches as well as a healthy serving of spontaneous parties, events, and gatherings on the side. We also have family-friendly events throughout the year.

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Healthcare Benefits

We strive to offer the best healthcare at the lowest cost possible. We also provide our employees with a generous contribution to their Health Savings Accounts every month to offset medical costs.

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Work from Home Thursdays

In order to help our team members feel rested and refreshed every day of the week, everyone has the option to work from home on Thursdays. (This is also a great opportunity to work in your sweatpants. Just saying.)

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Endless Smoothies

Whether you're a health nut, or you just like a frozen afternoon treat, we’ve got you covered. The freezer is packed with all the smoothie makings you could ever need.

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We have paid holidays strategically placed throughout the year. We want to make sure you get all the time with your family and friends that you can!


Let’s make waves.

Ready to push the boundaries and be a part of something big?
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