New! Subsplash Messaging is now on the web

February 24, 2021


Since introducing Subsplash Messaging in 2019, we’ve been focused on helping church communities experience effortless communication that builds connections. We’ve continued to invest in communities by adding powerful enhancements—such as prayer requests, polls, file sharing, and more—to further streamline communication and drive engagement. 

Today we’re excited to introduce Subsplash Messaging on the web—a new feature that takes group communication to the next level on any device!  

By expanding Subsplash Messaging to allow for integrated communication on any current web browser, communication both to and with church members and visitors is even simpler!


Now your community can experience communication without limits! Whether on your church website or custom mobile app, authentic engagement and community-building opportunities are now accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Solutions like Facebook, GroupMe, and WhatsApp, lack the visibility church leaders need to keep their communities safe. With Subsplash Messaging, your team has total control over who can manage channels, and you always have the ability to add or remove people from channels.


Unlike other group messaging tools, Subsplash Messaging on the web allows you to customize logos, colors, and the web browser tab name to maintain your church’s unique brand—just like your custom mobile app! 


Users can now switch between Subsplash Messaging on their mobile device and the web while effortlessly staying up to date on current conversations, creating seamless interactions and engagement!

Subsplash Messaging is about more than just messages—it’s about authentically connecting, engaging, and building community. We’re excited to see how Subsplash Messaging on the web brings an even greater impact to your community!

Already using the Subsplash Platform? You can check out our Knowledge Center to get started with Subsplash Messaging on the web, log in to your Subsplash Dashboard to learn more, or schedule a call with your Client Success Manager!

Ready to learn how your organization can create more meaningful connections with Subsplash Messaging? Let’s chat! Want to learn more about Subsplash Messaging? Check it out!

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