4 best church app features to keep you connected

March 27, 2020

We know how important it is for churches today to stay connected with their communities. While many people cannot attend in-person gatherings, they are looking to their church communities for comfort, encouragement, and relationship. 

One simple yet powerful way to keep connected is by making your custom church app your community’s social hub for connection, interaction, and engagement. Here are four powerful app features your organization can leverage to help you stay connected with your community during this season and beyond. 





For many people, faithfully giving tithes and offerings is an act of worship that connects them with their church. Being able to receive online donations is key to fulfilling your church’s mission even while your church is unable to physically gather.

Subsplash Giving creates a way to empower your congregation to give online to your church through your mobile app with text-to-give, recurring giving, and donor-covered fees. Now more than ever, churches around the globe are taking this opportunity to find ways to integrate online giving into their church community, and in-app giving is a great step to take!

Your custom mobile app creates one central place for your community to find everything they need. Adding a way to receive online donations allows for deeper partnerships during this season and seasons to come. 

Your church can start accepting donations in one business day with Subsplash Giving, and with no setup fee or monthly fees, plus the best transaction rates, your church can start receiving digital donations in no time. 



Whether sharing a heartfelt message from your living room, a weekend sermon, or a weekly devotional video, you can add these and any other media content right inside your mobile app. Easily upload your latest media item to the Subsplash Dashboard, and publish it simultaneously to your mobile app, TV app, and church website with just one click. 

With Subsplash Media we host all your media content within the Subsplash Cloud, making sure your audience never sees any distracting content or ads, keeping your brand and gospel-centered content front and center at all times. This makes it effortless to engage with your ministry’s media on their mobile devices or on their smart TVs through Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast. 



Subsplash Messaging gives your community one central place to continue fostering meaningful connections when they’re unable to gather in person. In just a few steps you can add a real-time and effortless communication tool to your mobile app that build authentic relationships. Say so long to multiple tools for messaging and streamline all communication. 

Share prayer requests, coordinate support efforts, and have personal or group conversations in real time. Subsplash Messaging is incredibly simple to set up, and you will have unlimited messages and channels in a secure environment. It integrates right into your custom mobile app and allows your community to stay connected at all times.



With the Subsplash Dashboard, you can send important messages as push notifications. Whether it’s an invitation to watch online, a daily devotion reminder or announcing schedule changes, push notifications show up instantly on your community's mobile device home screen. You can send a push notification in real time or schedule them in advance. 

Our mission at Subsplash is simple: to glorify God and proclaim Jesus is Lord. We do this by providing powerful engagement features like push notifications, media delivery, and in-app messaging to keep your church community connected. 

If you’re already leveraging the Subsplash Platform and are looking for more strategies and opportunities to stay connected during this time, reach out to your Client Success Manager. 

If you’re ready to get started, or if you want to learn more, [.blog-contact-cta]contact us today.[.blog-contact-cta]

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