Church events

Simplify church events & calendars

Church event tools

Build your church community

Events are fully integrated with your app & website
Simple to set up free or paid events
Custom questions & ticket types

Easy event payments

Whether you’re hosting a conference, concert, or camp, you can collect payments for church events in your Subsplash mobile app or on your website. Transactions are processed through Subsplash Giving to keep all of your financial data in one central place.


Flexible forms & settings

Customize every event to meet the unique needs of your community with custom ticket types and prices, custom questions, attendee limits, and more.


Let event engagement drive your database

Anyone who registers for your events will be automatically added to your database in the Subsplash Platform, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date information about your people.

Top church events features

Connect with your congregation

Paid events

Can collect payments for events and view them in Subsplash Giving

Custom questions

Create custom event registration questions for your attendees and view their responses

Attendee limits

Avoid overbooking an event by setting limits on the number of people who can register per ticket type or the event as a whole.

Email notifications

Easily add email notifications to let you know when someone has registered

Registration data export

Quickly export your registration data as a CSV file

Registration types

Set your registration type as a simple headcount or request complete contact information and other details.

Ticket types

Add ticket type distinctions, unique pricing per ticket, and set individual ticket availability.

Even more features to love

App integration
Publish events from your Subsplash Dashboard and they’ll be displayed right inside your mobile app!
Web embeds
Easily embed events on your website—or simply drag-and-drop within the Subsplash website builder.
Add to calendar
Give your people the option to add events to their Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.
Repeating events
Set up repeating events for weekly services, monthly prayer meetings, and more!
Calendar integration
Showcase your church calendars on your website or inside your church app with the calendar integration, which pulls in events from any iCal feed.
Customizable artwork
Customize your event registration page by uploading custom images or selecting artwork from our curated stock image library.

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Church Events FAQs

Can we charge fees for paid church events?

Yes, you can collect non-charitable payments with Subsplash Giving for paid church events (like conferences or concerts), making it easy to keep track of who’s registered and paid for attendance.

How does church event management software work?

Subsplash Events helps you easily plan church events, add them to your calendar, track registrations, collect payments, and promote upcoming events—all from one powerful dashboard!

Can we set limits on how many people attend our church events?

With Subsplash, you can set attendee limits to avoid overbooking and make sure that just the right number of people are able to attend.

How do we know who has registered for a church event?

Know when someone registers for your events by adding email notifications. The full registration list can also be quickly found right in your Subsplash dashboard.

How can we promote our event registration online?

With Subsplash’s suite of communication tools, you can share upcoming events with text messaging, push notifications, mass emails, or group chat messages. You can add them to your church website and mobile app where people can easily find important information, register, and make a payment.

Can we create multiple registration/ticket types?

Yes, absolutely! Adult or children tickets, free or paid entry, individual or general admission: your registration and ticket types are endless with Subsplash Events! You can also add customized questions to better understand your audience, such as food allergies, ages, and more. This flexibility makes Subsplash the best option to handle all of your church events!