Why church leaders choose Subsplash’s unified platform

January 19, 2023

Today’s church leaders rely on digital tools for just about everything—managing their processes, collecting donations, and even guiding disciples. Many tech companies promise that their tools can help, but after signing up, church leaders quickly realize those tools aren’t connected to each other. From creating separate user logins and passwords to learning how to use each tool individually, this can often lead to “tool fatigue.” 

Using unconnected platforms also results in incomplete, disjointed, and even lost data. Pastors and their teams rely on accurate data to help drive their decisions, but they have to try to piecemeal their data, causing them to see only small pieces of a bigger picture. 

Fortunately, Subsplash offers a unified platform that brings together all of your digital tools and church data in an all-in-one solution—Subsplash One. Let’s take a look at why more church leaders than ever are choosing the Subsplash Platform. 

7 reasons church leaders love Subsplash’s unified platform

1. Centralized data management

Having your church’s data siloed across multiple databases leads to extra work and frustration. For example, imagine if a single church member needed multiple user profiles to give online, to check their kids into classes, and another for participating in small groups. These types of extra steps create a negative user experience for your end users as well as for your staff.

Subsplash One, on the other hand, provides you with unified data containing each member’s information and church’s data together. Church members have a single login to access all of your digital tools, like Events, Volunteer Management, Child Check-In, and Messaging & Groups. And church admins appreciate that all these tools are connected to Church Management on the Subsplash Platform. 

In other words, you can have all of your church's data and digital tools in one place, making it much easier for everyone to find and access important information they need.

2. Simplified budget & cost savings

Managing multiple software programs can quickly become expensive and add to the number of line items in your church’s budget. With Subsplash One, you can simplify your budget management with a single monthly payment. 

Having all of your church's digital tools on a single platform reduces the costs associated with multiple subscriptions and eliminates the need to pay staff for maintaining and updating your software. This can be especially beneficial for small churches that may not have the resources to subscribe and manage multiple solutions.

Churches using Subsplash Giving also save even more money compared to other online giving platforms thanks to:

  • No monthly fees or hidden fees.
  • GrowCurve™—an exclusive feature that automatically lowers processing rates as your donations increase!
  • Donor-covered fees—your donors can help your church keep 100% of tithes & offerings.
  • Recurring giving—a feature allowing your donors to pre-schedule their gifts, helping them never miss a chance to be generous.

3. Enhanced scalability & flexibility

One of the most important characteristics of a unified platform is its ability and flexibility to grow with your church. For example, the Subsplash Platform is built to help churches of all sizes and can scale with you, and a dedicated Client Success Manager can help your staff with any questions. Because the Subsplash Platform is securely hosted in the cloud, your tools keep functioning as they’re supposed to, even as your church grows or even moves location. Behind the scenes, your software is kept updated and you can enjoy the latest features. 

4. Increased engagement & participation

When all of your church's digital tools are easily accessible, it can encourage more members to participate and engage with the community. For example, with Subsplash One, your members can easily access and sign up for volunteer opportunities or small groups without having to jump into separate systems.

Subsplash offers industry-leading engagement tools, such as:

  • Church websites—Choose from dozens of church-focused website templates that integrate with your church’s media, online giving, events, and group messaging.
  • Custom mobile apps—Make your church’s app the central hub for all of your church's communications, sermon videos, announcements, and much more!
  • Live streaming—Engage your audience in real time by simultaneously live streaming your services to your website, mobile app, and popular social media platforms.
  • Media hosting & delivery—Create your own media library with private media hosting and a beautiful, professional media player with no ads or unwanted distractions.
  • Bibles & reading plans—Encourage your people to read the Bible more!

5. Deeper insights into your community

One of the most frustrating aspects of ministry is putting a lot of effort into a ministry or special event and not knowing what impact it has on your community. The Subsplash Dashboard helps you better understand who is engaging with your ministry and how they’re interacting with your church.

For example, did you recently launch a small group? Find out who has registered for that group, and which of those people have responded to your recent group message or email. You can easily keep track of how many people are watching your church’s live stream, opening your mobile app, or making donations. 

These deeper insights provide you with a more holistic overview of your church’s wellbeing, allowing you to better understand what is working and what needs improvement. 

6. Improved communication & collaboration

Ask any person responsible for their church’s communications, and they’ll tell you just how difficult their job is. Churches often lack simple, centralized communication tools, so their people often resort to creating their own. 

For example, small group leaders often use their personal email address to create different messaging groups in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text messages. And if that leader moves or is no longer at the church, it’s impossible to manage those groups without getting access to their account. This results in duplicate messaging accounts that can create a lot of confusion. 

Subsplash brings your digital communication tools to a single platform, making it much easier for members to communicate and collaborate with one another through:

  • Messaging & Groups—Give your people a safe and distraction-free place to chat, share prayer requests, and have meaningful conversations right within your church’s mobile app and on the web. You can even make group announcements or take polls! 
  • Events—Manage your events, registrations, and payments with customizable event management
  • Volunteer Management—Find and schedule people who can serve based on your service plan 
  • Email—Quickly and easily build, schedule, and send emails.

These tools are especially beneficial for small groups, committees, and volunteer teams that need to work together on projects or events.

7. Unified customer experience

When your church’s tools—like websites, mobile apps, or online giving pages—look and feel differently from each other, it can make people feel like they’re in the wrong place. 

Using Subsplash’s all-in-one platform provides a unified customer experience. Subsplash’s beautifully-designed platform provides one shared user experience for everyone in your church community across all of your digital tools. 

Subsplash One is a unified platform

Ready to experience a unified platform?

It’s time to put all of your church's digital tools on Subsplash’s unified platform to help bring your people and community closer together, improve communication and collaboration, and make it easier to access and share important information. You can also reduce costs, complexity, as well as ensure that your tech can scale and adapt as your church grows and changes.

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