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The Subsplash Story

Subsplash was officially formed on August 2, 2005 by Tim and Kristy Turner. The primary goal in starting Subsplash was to build a great and lasting organization that allows creative and passionate people to collaborate, innovate and create, and ultimately brings honor and glory to the God of Heaven and Earth. 


Global Impact

We believe in making the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible all across the world. With our technology we have the power to reach millions and share the good news of Jesus Christ. The Subsplash Platform has the tools for every step in an individual’s discipleship journey.

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Our Founders

Tim and Kristy Turner started Subsplash in 2005 with the goal to build a great and lasting company that glorifies God and allows creative and passionate people to collaborate, innovate, and create to their hearts’ content.

After initially building software experiences and consulting with multiple world-class brands, Subsplash created the first iPhone app for a church as a pro bono service for the Turners’ local congregation. Tim and Kristy felt the Lord calling them to “trust and obey” by using their business to serve more churches, and their projects were wildly received by the global church community and mainstream media alike.




Our leadership

We’d love for you to meet some of our team! Our dynamic group of leaders drive the vision of Subsplash forward as they uphold our core values of Innovation, Humility, and Excellence.


Our Core Values

Stay humble. Make waves. Work hard.



Humility is the key to collaborative creativity. We are designing for people who are engendered with dignity, value, and respect. This drives our philosophy of people-centered design.


We believe people were built to be creative — bringing order out of chaos. Subsplash takes this seriously, so we constantly seek to push the boundaries and pursue new success. We love to look closely, draw, think, design, critique, code, animate, experiment, write, explore, research, build, test, consult, create, and envision.


We love creating software experiences that inspire and delight. We work with forward-looking organizations to create great brands and experiences. We strive to work with care and intense attention to detail. We want our impact on the world to be lasting.

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Glorify God and proclaim Jesus is Lord by building a great company that drives for humility, innovation and excellence to delight millions of people on the Subsplash Platform.


 Let’s chat


We would love to connect with you. Whether you’re interested in joining our team or want to learn how the Subsplash Platform can impact your community, let’s chat!