Giving back with GrowCurve

February 7, 2020

In 2009 we built the first church app. Since then we’ve continued to focus on what matters most— fueling the mission of churches and ministries around the world and helping them keep more of their donations where they count.


On top of offering the best rates in the industry with no monthly or hidden fees, in 2016 we introduced GrowCurve™ as a new feature of Subsplash Giving. GrowCurve automatically lowers rates as donations increase. This is another step to ensure churches are able to get the best rates without having to haggle or negotiate their rate ever again.

We are delighted to announce that in 2019 we gave back a record $645,000 to churches and ministries through GrowCurve. Additionally, Subsplash Giving holistically saved churches over $4.3 million by offering the industry’s best processing rates and helping increase digital donations.

“We’ve always been passionate about seeing more donations go to churches so that they can reinvest more of their resources into what's truly important—sharing the gospel and making more disciples. We created GrowCurve as a way to give back to and fuel the mission of churches using Subsplash Giving.”  —Tim Turner, Founder & CEO

We also added new Subsplash Giving features in 2019 to continue delighting people on the Subsplash Platform. Donor-Covered Fees give your donors the opportunity to cover processing fees when submitting a gift. When they choose this option on your mobile app or website, your church keeps 100% of their donations! Donors can now include notes with their gifts by using Donor Memos. Additionally, we’ve improved integrations with other widely-used church software solutions.

Our heart is to help Fuel Your Mission™, and GrowCurve is just one more way Subsplash is partnering with you to maximize your ministry’s resources for kingdom work. [.blog-contact-cta]Connect with us [.blog-contact-cta]to learn more!


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