Subsplash, and their premier mobile app platform, The Church App, is trusted by thousands of leading churches and ministries all over the world—including 50% of the 100 largest churches in the U.S. The software company has built more live apps than any other developer in the marketplace. They’ve seen impressive growth in the last year–with over 25 million users, and app views numbering in the billions.

The Seattle-based team of mobile experts have built the Ultimate Engagement Platform™ for churches including: apps, media delivery, digital bulletins, and an innovative new donation solution Subsplash Giving which now features GrowCurve—an unprecedented model with extremely low credit card processing rates that go even lower as donations increase.

Tim Turner, CEO of Subsplash shares:

“When it comes to donation processing, churches often get taken advantage of because it takes a credit card expert to negotiate low processing rates. Our goal is to flip those tables to help ministries of all sizes fuel their mission and always get the best rates without having to negotiate. We’re excited to equip churches to share the truth of Jesus by keeping more money where it counts. We kept coming back to what matters most: fueling the mission of the Church by increasing your giving and keeping the donations where they count. We decided we’re not ok with the industry standard, we’re not here to maximize our margins and profit off of the church – being privately owned by Christians means we can give it back to churches. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Subsplash Giving offers the new feature of GrowCurve rates which start at an industry low of 2.3% and automatically go lower as giving increases. There’s no additional monthly charge for the service and for qualified non-profit Christian ministries, Subsplash will contribute rate savings right back to the church.

A recent study shows that mobile giving is up 45% and becoming a regular part of people’s digital lives. Subsplash empowers churches with the tools to take advantage of the mobile momentum by making giving simple, fast, and right inside the church’s own app as well as on websites, text to give, and kiosks.

Tim Turner added:

“Our mission at Subsplash is to deliver delight to our users. Our ministry clients love our platform because it helps them engage their communities...engaged communities are giving communities.”

Subsplash clients are delighted about The Church App platform. Here’s what Matt Chandler, from The Village Church, said:

“We’ve received rave reviews already about [the app] because it provides one more medium to extend our messages about the gospel out to the world.”

Competitors in the church giving space include publicly-traded companies like PushPay, PayPal, and others, do not offer the many breakthrough new benefits offered by Subsplash. Subsplash uniquely offers a free monthly service, a low starting rate of 2.3%, GrowCurve dynamic rates that go down as donations increase, and its all available inside their award-winning and engaging mobile app platform. Subsplash Giving could save a church thousands of dollars a year–which means more donations will go to accomplishing their mission.

Subsplash is changing the mobile giving industry by keeping donations dollars where they count, on the frontline of ministry. Learn more at


About Subsplash: Subsplash® and The Church App™ are owned by Christians who are passionate about serving Jesus’ Church in the US and around the world! Subsplash has won awards, created some of the most downloaded apps of all time, and created software for world-class brands like XBOX, Microsoft, Samsung, Expedia, and Cisco. Their Mission: Glorify God and proclaim Jesus is Lord by building a great, lasting, and prosperous company that delivers delight to as many people as possible on Subsplash platforms.

For Information Contact: Kristin Thorp, (206) 965-8090