Subsplash recently unveiled their innovative in-app messaging service, allowing church communities to experience effortless communication that supports authentic connections. Subsplash Messaging is a powerful tool enabling personal engagement within a church's own branded app.

A recent study found that mobile app usage has grown to 3.5 hours a day, primarily for communication and social media. Church communication is fragmented, often involving multiple tools, so Subsplash sought to create a seamless and powerful solution for churches and ministries.

"We built Subsplash Messaging to be a simple and delightful tool allowing communities  to engage and communicate in one centralized place," says founder and CEO, Tim Turner. "It's more than just messages. It enables churches to share the gospel and engage the world in the most relevant ways possible—similar to the way the Apostle Paul contextualized and contended for the gospel within culture."  

Subsplash Messaging is part of The Ultimate Engagement Platform™ that allows churches to engage their audience, expand their reach, and fuel their mission. Their suite of engagement tools includes mobile apps, digital giving, websites, media delivery, and more.

With unlimited messaging and channels, leaders can coordinate, collaborate, and celebrate with their teams, groups, and more. Real-time conversations enable everyone to communicate, plan, and even help support last minute needs.

"Subsplash serves over 11,000 churches, ministries, and businesses around the world. We're excited to equip our clients in order to help foster authentic discipleship in their community," said Chris Sharpe, VP of Business Development.  

By offering messaging within a custom mobile app, a church's community can now enjoy a powerful and meaningful experience that is shaped by their church's unique content as well as their personal conversations.  

For Information Contact: Kristin Thorp, (206) 965-8090