Protecting Your Church From Censorship

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Use a platform that respects religious liberty

The tension between Big Tech companies, contemporary culture, and the Church has been steadily increasing with no signs of slowing down. It’s become so commonplace that 23% of Christians report that they have been harassed online because of their faith

Subsplash believes in every church’s right to religious freedom and expression. That’s why we created a platform that enables churches to freely share their content without restrictions or fear of religious censorship.

Subsplash Media

  • Easily add your church’s sermons, music, podcasts, and more to your website and app without ads, distractions, or restrictions to religious freedom. 
  • Unlike Big Tech that takes ownership of your content, with Subsplash your church owns and controls your content.
  • Your content is not subject to subjective community standards and won’t ever be removed for teaching biblical principles. 

Subsplash Live

  • Live stream your services without interruptions or censorship simultaneously to your custom mobile app and website, as well as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Your live streams are always available to your community, regardless of any interruptions on Big Tech platforms. 

Subsplash Messaging

  • Have meaningful conversations within your app and website before, during, and after your live streams. 
  • Your team can invite people and set up moderators to make sure everyone stays connected and safe. 
  • With a built-in intelligent moderation tool that filters out inappropriate images and language, you can have safe conversations and block offensive messages and chat trolls. 

Subsplash Giving

  • Churches using Big Tech platforms can lose their donations if they’re “canceled” for their beliefs.
  • Most church giving platforms charge more as church donations increase. Only Subsplash offers GrowCurve™, which automatically lowers online processing fees for churches as their giving grows. 
  • Big Tech platforms like PayPal or GoFundMe are not built with churches in mind, not offering custom giving reports and integrations with Church Management Software (ChMS). 

Your church deserves a platform that believes in your religious freedom and is built to meet your specific needs. If your church is relying heavily on social media and other Big Tech platforms, it’s time to explore partnering with a team focused on helping you share the gospel and make disciples—without restrictions.

More resources for your church

Subsplash has the heart and conviction to help your church make disciples and stay connected in both in person and online without restrictions. Check out these free resources we’ve made for you!

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• Reach & Retain Visitors ebook

• Free giving tool with GrowCurve™

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For church leaders, technology can often feel like a blessing and a curse. While they can reach more people with the gospel than ever before, it can be difficult to overcome online distractions and create meaningful relationships. This ebook contains tips and strategies that can help churches minister without censorship, but they’re just the starting point!

Today, your church can join over 16,000 other ministries and organizations that use The Ultimate Engagement PlatformTM to connect with their communities around the world without worrying about censorship. Subsplash clients create millions of hours of gospel-centered content, including sermons, podcasts, live streaming, group messaging, events—all providing endless opportunities for their members to engage with the good news. 

Connect with our team to see how your church can maximize digital tools to fulfill your mission without restrictions!