Protecting Your Church From Censorship

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Keep a secure archive of your content

Uploading content to social media may help your church stay connected and relevant, but how safe is your content in the hands of Big Tech platforms? While free and familiar platforms like YouTube seem appealing at first, there’s always a price to pay. In this case, these services come at the cost of giving up control and ownership of your content.

You and your team spend countless hours creating unique and meaningful content. But when you share it on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, your content becomes subjected to distracting ads, subjective community guidelines, and even the risk of permanent removal or deletion. On the other hand, software platforms built with ministry in mind promote complete content ownership and protection.

If your church is in the habit of posting your videos and live streams to social media and other Big Tech platforms, be sure you always save a backup—otherwise, you could lose your content forever.