5 tips to easily create a daily devotional online

December 16, 2022

If you’re a pastor, you’re probably already searching for new discipleship materials to help your people start the new year strong. Engagement is essential for discipleship, so creating a daily devotional online is a powerful way to help your people grow in their faith. 

Effective disciple-making requires providing your flock opportunities for meaningful interactions with the Bible and prayer as much as possible. In fact, studies show that people who engage with the Bible four times or more a week are:

  • 228% more likely to evangelize
  • 407% more likely to memorize scripture
  • 30% less likely to struggle with loneliness

While printed devotionals are still useful, 63% of church members want their churches to provide them with online discipleship resources. So how can you help meet this need? 

Rather than relying exclusively on using someone else’s online devotional resources, what if your church could create audio and video devotional content to share with your people right on your church’s website, mobile app, and podcast

Believe it or not, it’s possible and probably a lot easier than you think! 

5 pro tips for creating online devotional resources

Use the following tips and strategies to create powerful devotional content like a pro without having to be an expert or have a media team. Our hope is that your new content will encourage your people to have meaningful devotions every day. 

Tip #1—Keep it short & simple 

It would be ideal if everyone would be able to spend 30 minutes to an hour each day in scripture, but the reality is that most people aren’t going to do that. The truth, however, is that many of them might spend 5 to 15 minutes, especially if they can have online devotions by listening or watching the devotional in one setting. 

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your devotionals concise and accessible. This will keep more people engaged and decrease your workload. 

And remember that thanks to today’s technology, making a video, audio, or even written devotional message doesn’t need to be complicated. Just keep it simple. For example: 

  • Don’t have a great camera set up? Use your smartphone!
  • Don’t have time to write a devotional book? Write a one-page devotional instead. 
  • Don’t have time to be creative? Pick one verse and talk about it for 5 minutes. 

All of this can be done with minimal expenses and help provide meaningful content to your people. 

Tip #2—Repurpose existing content 

There’s a good chance your church already has content that can be turned into discipleship resources. For example, if you record your sermons, print notes for Bible-study classes, or if you have a podcast, you’re ahead of the game. 

Take a past sermon video, break it up into smaller pieces, and create multiple short devotionals from that one sermon. If your church uses Subsplash Media, your sermon videos can also be converted into audio-only files with one click of a button. Using the same dashboard, those files can be shared out as a podcast and added to your media library on your website and mobile app. This gives your followers a chance to listen while they’re working, commuting, and anywhere else. 

Tip #3—Use content batching

Content batching is simply creating lots of content on the same day. It’s taking advantage of your time to create many bite-sized pieces of content rather than one long form of content. For example, if you want to create a devotional based on the book of Romans, rather than create a one hour video discussing Romans 1, try this instead:

  • Record seven videos that are three to five minutes long
  • Discuss just a few verses instead of the whole chapter
  • Include an explanation, illustration, and practical application
  • Close with a prayer

Now you’ve created a week’s worth of daily devotionals in about the same time it would take to make one long video. You can also batch your other forms of content, including blogs, podcasts, and emails. 

Tip #4—Share the load

Devotionals are a great way to give others an opportunity to teach and contribute to your devotional library. Task a few members of your staff to create devotionals, empowering them to lead in new ways while taking the load off your plate. You can also invite guest speakers to do some devotions, such as other pastors, Bible teachers, and other local church leaders.

Not only will having more people presenting your devotions add diversity, it will increase interest and draw more people to your content .

Tip #5—Release your content daily

People who are engaging with discipleship resources every day tend to grow faster and go further in their discipleship journey. That’s why it’s important to regularly supply them with powerful devotional resources that help them learn, interact with the Bible, and live out the transformative truths of God’s Word. 

Uploading discipleship content on a daily basis invites people to engage in scripture every day. Subsplash Media provides your church with media hosting and delivery through a customizable media library on your website and church app. Check out these examples of churches using Subsplash Media to share their amazing devotional content.

  • NCC Daily from National Church in Washington, D.C.
  • COTC Daily from Church of the City in Franklin, TN

Bonus Tip #6—Use the best platform for daily devotionals

Once you’ve created your online devotionals, the last thing you want to do is rely on multiple disconnected platforms to share that content out to your podcast channels, websites, and mobile apps. Managing several different accounts, dashboards, and media libraries can quickly become a nightmare. 

Fortunately, Subsplash Media is fully integrated with the rest of the Subsplash Platform— including your church’s website, custom mobile app, media library, and much more. This means there is just one dashboard to manage your online devotionals, sermon videos, podcasts, and the rest of your church’s online content! 

You can also easily keep your people engaged by sending push notifications to people’s phones when new content is available. And with Subsplash Messaging, you can communicate and share files with discipleship content to your groups. 

All of this is done through a single, powerful dashboard to help you manage your content and simplify your workflows. 

Over 16,000 churches and organizations use Subsplash for reaching, engaging, and discipling their people. If your church isn’t one of them, [.blog-contact-cta]see what you’re missing out on today![.blog-contact-cta]


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