Convince Your Boss to Go Mobile (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this short series, we talked about how to present the facts and the benefits to your boss when trying to convince them to create a mobile app for your organization. Last time we looked at a less hands-on approach, but for the technically inclined, here are a couple of ideas that might remove any barriers to getting your boss on board! 

Offer to help with the setup

Often times the only thing holding someone back from starting something new is the fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to a time commitment. Creating an app with Subsplash is easy to set up and maintain, and our app specialists will walk with you every step of the way!

Our team of mobile experts are dedicated to your success. If the decision makers at your organization are hesitant to get started on an app because of the time commitment, and you are excited by the idea of setting it up, why not offer to get things started? Once you become a mobile expert yourself, you can teach someone else to hand it off later. And fortunately for you, you've got a secret weapon: us! 

Offer to maintain the app

You may be looking for some opportunities to show initiative and take on a project you really enjoy. If you have some wiggle room with your existing commitments, why not volunteer to be on-point for maintaining your organization's app? You might be removing the last barrier to enhancing your reach as an organization. 

Whether you are just informing your boss about all of the ways an app can benefit your organization, or diving into the creation and maintenance of an app on behalf of your team, the best engagement with your community is yet to come with a customized mobile app!

Get started with us today! 

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