New! Apple Pay & Google Pay giving on the Subsplash Platform

August 31, 2023

What if there were no barriers to donating to your church? This question has been driving our team forward the past few months, and we’re excited to announce several updates to Subsplash Giving that make supporting your mission easier and more seamless than ever!

Let’s take a look at the latest updates to Subsplash Giving.

Apple Pay for churches. Google Pay for churches

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay allow your people to give in seconds, right inside your app! Combined with instant ACH, donating to your church has never been faster or simpler with Subsplash Giving.

Check out our video announcement showing how your church can now use Apple Pay and Google Pay!

Keep reading to see even more of our latest changes we've made to Subsplash Giving.

Donors can now view their profiles in your app.

App profile donor data

The Subsplash app profile is robust—not only can your people update their name, address, and other personal information, but they can also manage their volunteer schedules, continue playing recently played media, and more. 

And now with our latest update, your people can also see their donor data! This includes their giving history, access to recurring gifts, and a summary of their payment methods.

Switch to Subsplash Giving with Apple Pay & Google Pay

Subsplash Giving was created with the vision of “partnership over profit.” Your church can have an amazing giving solution with amazing features such as:

All of this is available with zero setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. And thanks to our GrowCurve feature, we send back millions of dollars to churches so they can invest more into sharing the gospel and making disciples!

Our team of experts has helped thousands of churches to start receiving donations online, and with tools like bulk data import, we’re ready to help your church transition from your current giving provider to Subsplash Giving.

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