Fueling innovation: The Subsplash Product Event recap

May 11, 2023

If you missed the recent Subsplash Product Event along with the exciting updates and demos of our new features, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see highlights of our latest feature releases and improvements!

Innovation, integration, and personalization continue to thread together the entire Subsplash Platform—across Apps, Media, Websites, and more—to help churches of every size see outward growth and deeper connection to their people. 

Giving updates

To meet the needs of churches in 2023 and beyond, Subsplash Giving has been built to a world-class standard that includes cross-platform excellence, robust analytics, and highly requested features like Split Gifts. Let’s take a look at the latest Giving updates being released over the next month.

Subsplash Giving with split gifts

Split Gifts

Your donors can now click on the “Split your Gift” option to divide their donations across multiple funds in a single transaction! This saves donors time, gives them better control over where their donations go, and also helps church admins have more accurate reporting of your funds.

Subsplash Giving with Instant ACH transactions

Instant ACH

In addition to split gifts, we've also added instant ACH—a new feature that allows donors to login to their bank account and give to your church just as easily as they can with a credit card. This feature is one more way your donors can save time and have a better giving experience.

Subsplash Giving with personalized user interface

Personalized giving experience & updated user interface

Your donors will love having a personalized church app experience with their donor giving information located alongside their other information like volunteer schedules and media play history. This allows them to see their scheduled gifts, payment methods, and complete giving history in their account, all in one place. Plus, the updated user interface and simplified guest giving donation flow makes giving even more delightful!

Media updates

Subsplash Media continues to lead church technology with new innovations that make it easier than ever to inspire your community and transform lives with the power of gospel-centered content. Your church will love having your media privately stored and delivered to your church app, website, and social media channels. 

Subsplash Media now with enhanced analytics

Enhanced Media Analytics

Recent updates to Media Analytics allow you to quickly sort data that is meaningful to you—total number of plays, unique plays, average viewing duration, or total play time. Now you can automatically view and compare your top trending media items in one place, as well as export your data for data-visualization software. 

New Subsplash Media tab layout and experience!

New Media Tab

The new Media Tab helps showcase your content in a way that's easier to discover by using media tags–such as scripture verses, speakers, or topics–which now appear in new, organized rows within your app. New personalization tools such as viewing history allows your users to continue playing content and pick up right where they left off. Suggested content, which is based on a person’s previously viewed media, further increases engagement with your sermons and other media!

Events updates

Our latest Subsplash Events updates will streamline your processes, make it simpler for your teams to create events, and make it easy for your event attendees to find and register for events. You have everything you need to set up free and paid summer events such as Vacation Bible School, retreats, and more!

Subsplash events by registration types

Registration types

Now you have two options for which type of event registrations you wish to create:

  • Simple headcount: An individual can register for themselves and others in their group, selecting the number of tickets they need, and answer any predefined questions on the event registration form.
  • Everyone registers: Each participant needs to register individually, select their ticket type, and answer any predefined questions. 
Subsplash Events with optional ticket types

Ticket Types

When selecting the type of tickets, you can set a custom price (with Subsplash Giving) for paid tickets or select the free option. Next, you can choose to have unlimited tickets or set a specific number of tickets available. Subsplash One users can also set up multiple ticket types to cover different attendees such as volunteers, children, or adults. 

Volunteers update

Volunteers are a key part of a thriving church, but it can be difficult to schedule and coordinate volunteers for each service. That's why we’re thrilled to highlight a new addition for anyone using Subsplash Church management that’s scheduled for release very soon.

Subsplash Volunteer Schedules are now live!

Volunteer Schedules

Your volunteers will be able to see a schedule of their volunteer-related events, accept or decline volunteer requests, and update their availability—all within your church’s Subsplash app! When they’ve been scheduled to serve,  volunteers will receive an email and push notification, which ensures they won’t miss a new volunteer request. 

Subsplash Websites

Websites update

Websites on the Subsplash Platform offer more than your typical website builder—they’re fully integrated with media, events, giving, blogging, and more. Features like one-click publishing and dedicated media pages maximize your team’s effort and boost your website’s SEO. And with new features like section shapes, media source, and custom classes you can even more quickly publish a beautiful, modern website.

Experience these new features for yourself

As the ministry landscape continues to change, the Subsplash Platform has evolved to meet the needs of churches everywhere. Today, over 16,000 churches and organizations partner with Subsplash to reach more people, connect with them, and build communities of disciples becoming more like Jesus. 

To learn more about Subsplash and how your church can better connect, engage, and grow, [.blog-contact-cta]book a free demo today![.blog-contact-cta] If you’re already a Subsplash client with questions on how to use these amazing new tools, login to your Subsplash Dashboard and connect with your Client Success Manager! 


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