New! Log cash, checks, and more with Donation Entry

August 16, 2021

Working in ministry can be complicated—church bookkeepers, admins, and other leaders shouldn't also struggle with managing multiple, disconnected tools! At Subsplash, we're passionate about creating seamlessly integrated tools so your ministry can have the greatest impact possible.

That's why we’ve remained focused on helping you fuel your mission with Subsplash Giving through powerful, easy-to-use features, as well as rates that automatically decrease as your giving grows. Over the years, Subsplash Giving has grown to include impactful features like Payments, Guest Giving, and Analytics to maximize your ministry’s resources for kingdom work!

And today we’re so excited to announce that Donation Entry is live on the Subsplash Platform! Here’s everything you need to know.


imac_check_02 (1).png

Donation Entry is a new feature within Subsplash Giving that allows you to log external donations—any donations that happen outside of Subsplash Giving (cash, check, and more). 

What this means for your ministry is that you can establish a single source of truth with Subsplash Giving at the center of all your church's donations. No more juggling multiple systems—this is a truly streamlined way to ensure your donation data is complete and accurate! Plus, gifts logged with Donation Entry will be included in each donors’ end-of-year statements. 

And that’s not all! Insights into Donation Entry are also available in Giving Analytics, giving you a complete view of your church’s gifts and donations.

With Donation Entry—and all of the other exciting releases announced at The Drop—we’re incredibly excited to come alongside your ministry as you make more and better disciples.

If you’re ready to explore what all of this could mean for your church, [.blog-contact-cta]let’s chat![.blog-contact-cta] 

Already using Subsplash Giving and have questions about how to best leverage Donation Entry? Check out this Knowledge Center article or contact your Client Success Manager by logging in to your Subsplash Dashboard.

Want to take an even closer look at Donation Entry? Get a behind-the-scenes look from our product team!


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