Debunking 5 myths about church technology

February 24, 2023

Technology has become more central to the mission of the Church than ever before. For example, recent studies show that over 80% of churches live stream their services and use social media

Yet despite widespread popularity, there are still many misconceptions surrounding technology that can impact your church’s approach to using digital tools.

Let’s take a look at five common myths about church tech, and how overcoming these can help your church use the latest tools to expand your reach, become more discoverable, and grow your community.

Church Tech Myth #1: "The more, the better"

Some church leaders can’t have enough digital tools. They’re excited by the latest technology and want to adopt as many of them as possible. However, having more tech doesn't necessarily mean your church is better equipped to grow and run efficiently. 

Using so many tools and platforms can lead to “software fatigue.” As a result, many churches are realizing the truth that "less is more." Rather than using a multitude of separate tools, they look for a solution that brings together multiple tools in one place. 

For example, Subsplash One offers a robust  all-in-one platform to simplify your entire digital toolkit with:

Having all these tools on one platform can help you reach more people while also saving costs and increasing the efficiency of your church operations!

Myth #2: "Going online will decrease my attendance"

Many pastors worry that putting their church online will result in fewer people attending in person. However, the latest trends show that growing churches connect with their people online while declining churches do not. 

For example, older Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) have participated more in person than online since the onset of COVID-19, but now their attendance numbers are starting to drop off. On the other hand, younger Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) began engaging with churches more online during the pandemic, and as a result they are the largest group of people now attending church. 

Rather than focusing on how many people attend in-person services, churches today need to focus on engagement with online content such as sermon videos, Bible studies, and discipleship resources. By leading with your digital presence, you create more opportunities for people to say "yes" to attending and participating with your church. 

Myth #3: "Hybrid church is only for 'seekers'"

Some people believe the only reason to build a hybrid church is for reaching new, unchurched people. After all, the mission of the Church is to take the gospel far and wide, and it’s easy to reach people around the world by putting your services online. 

A hybrid church, however, does more than just reach new people. It’s a church model that combines your physical and digital resources to engage your regular attendees and new visitors all week long, not just on Sunday. 

This is important because most church members who attend in person also watch services online. They also want their churches to provide digital discipleship resources so they can grow spiritually anywhere at any time. 

Offering a hybrid experience is meant to enhance your in-person meetings, not replace them. The best church technology helps you reach new people, deepen your community, and cultivate discipleship

Myth #4: “We need a team of computer experts to go online.”

Let’s face it—modern technology can be intimidating. Most churches don’t have a large team of skilled computer staff or volunteers to help their church adopt new software. This can leave some pastors and leaders feeling hesitant to go online, and as a result their reach and ability to stay connected with their people remains limited. 

Subsplash’s user-friendly platform is designed to make it simple for any church to establish their online presence without tech experts. For example, Subsplash websites allow you to choose a church-themed template and easily customize your pages. 

Whether you’re building out your mobile app, starting to live stream, or setting up your online giving, Subsplash provides you with an all-in-one system along with a world-class support team to ensure that your church reaches your goals. 

Myth #5: “Older members won’t use church tech”

There was a time when seniors were not very tech savvy. Over the last few years, however, seniors are the fastest growing age group embracing new digital tools. For example, among Americans over the age of 65:

This means your church can use Subsplash to create a safe, engaging, and distraction-free environment for your seniors to watch your sermons, share prayer requests, give their tithes and gifts, and help them feel better connected with your church and each other!

It’s time to harness technology & empower your church

There are a lot of companies that offer digital tools that promise to help your church, but only Subsplash combines these tools into one simple-to-use solution that can grow with your church. 

Over 16,000 churches and organizations use the Subsplash Platform to reach more people, better engage them, and build more disciples than ever before. 

Ready to see for yourself how Subsplash works? Contact us today for a free demo of how the Subsplash Platform can help your ministry do more, save time, and engage your community!


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