Top 3 must-have church tech tools for 2024

January 12, 2023

Over the last few years church leaders have learned the importance of having the right church tech in place. Many felt the pain of being caught off guard by pandemic shutdowns and the stress of rushing to find online solutions to stay connected with their communities.

Looking forward to the year ahead, let’s take a look at some nationwide trends that are likely to impact your church, as well as the top three church technology tools your church needs to flourish in 2023.

Must-have church tech tool #1: Online giving

People everywhere are feeling the impact of our current economy on their wallets. Inflation increased at record levels and economists are predicting a recession. Many churches are also experiencing financial pressure as donations decline, while at the same time, more people are turning to the local church for financial aid, food, and housing assistance.

To encourage generosity in every season, your church’s online giving needs to be easily accessible and provide a seamless experience for your donors. Give your people the ability to donate any time from anywhere through your church website, mobile app, and text-to-give. Make sure to encourage them to schedule their donations ahead of time with recurring giving, so they never miss an opportunity to give their tithes or offerings.

In financially tough times, make sure your online giving solution also saves you money by offering the best processing rates with no monthly fees or hidden fees. For example, Subsplash Giving automatically lowers your processing fees as your donations increase with GrowCurve™, and it doesn’t come with a monthly cost. Churches using Subsplash’s donor-covered fees tool save an additional 33% on their processing fees on average!

These features have given back millions of dollars to churches so they can focus on fulfilling their missions. For more ideas on securing your church’s finances, download your free copy of The Church Guide to Surviving a Recession today!

Must-have church tech tool #2: Groups & Messaging

Another trend impacting church communities is an “epidemic of loneliness,” with 60% of Americans suffering from feelings of being alone or isolated. Your church’s small groups are great places to create a sense of community and help people overcome loneliness.

The challenge is—how can you effectively manage and grow your small groups? Subsplash offers church tech tools to make this easier than ever, including:

  • Group Finder: People can search your small groups by title, type, or description, and easily register online. You can create a special QR code for sharing your groups page with others. Additionally, you can use the Request to Join feature for private groups that require pre-screening attendees.
  • Messaging: Anyone who signs up for a small group will have a unique profile on the Subsplash Platform, as well as access to Subsplash Messaging. This allows them to chat with your groups, share prayer requests, or send files and attachments. Your leadership has insight into everyone participating and interacting with your groups to keep your community safe. Messaging also comes with security features such as language and image filters that block unsafe content.

With these Subsplash tools, your church can build a strong community of people that have meaningful conversations, spend time with each other, and grow together in their faith!

Must-have church tech tool #3: Live streaming & Media

We live in a mobile-first world that spends their time on screens throughout the day. So, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of American churches are online in one way or another. For example, 85% of churches live stream their services, and 84% have a Facebook page.

On the other hand, Big Tech platforms present many challenges to churches trying to disciple their people, such as:

  • Censoring, blocking, or removing church live streams & content
  • Endless distractions such as advertisements & notifications
  • Cyberbullying & trolling

That’s why more and more churches are turning to Subsplash Media to host their sermon videos, live streaming, and other church content through their custom church apps, websites, as well as popular social media platforms. In fact, every year over 120 million streams of gospel-centered content are viewed by people around the world through the Subsplash Platform!

Subsplash supports religious liberty by making sure your church maintains ownership and control of your content, so your people can always engage with your discipleship content. For more information, download your free ebook, Protecting your church from censorship.

Consolidate your church technology to one platform

Your church shouldn’t have to juggle multiple platforms, logins, and systems to manage your church tech tools. Subsplash One brings all of your tools together in one place, making it easier to share the gospel while managing and growing your church. You’ll also save time and money as your church reaches, engages, and disciples more people than ever before!

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