3 unified tools to grow your church

March 13, 2023

How many different systems is your church using to share your message and connect your people? 

The reality is that the tools you use shape your ministry. Disconnected tools create friction for your staff, volunteers, and community, leading to a disconnected ministry and disengaged people.

That’s why our team recently hosted a free webinar focused on leveraging a connected platform to increase your impact. Plus, our ministry experts shared how the latest digital tools on the Subsplash Platform are helping churches make disciples and reach more people. 

Let’s dive into three unified tools that every church needs to expand its reach, save time and money, and deepen discipleship.


Time, volunteers, and budget are just a few of the important resources needed to keep churches on track with their mission. Many churches, unbeknownst to them, waste precious resources by hosting their media content on third-party platforms that aren’t built for discipleship.

Using a powerful all-in-one platform like Subsplash One enables your church to:

  • Publish content everywhere: Update your media across every channel—your podcast, website, and app—with just one click.
  • Get back hours every week: No need to download, edit, and re-upload your video files! Easily schedule and publish your live content, then trim files before they’re automatically added to your on-demand media library—all without leaving your dashboard.
  • Make your content more accessible: Tag your media items to make your content library easy to find, access, and explore on any device.

Your media is more than just media—it’s biblical content to power discipleship. And integrated media technology has the power to transform lives through the truth of the gospel.


Now more than ever, people visit a church’s website long before setting foot in a physical building. It acts as a digital front door to welcome new people and introduce them to your community. So how discoverable is your church online? 

The Subsplash Platform is built with churches in mind to increase your impact. Websites built with Subsplash: 

  • Build trust & credibility: A beautifully customized online presence is an essential step in getting people from your digital doorstep to your actual doorstep.
  • Boost your SEO without extra work: By seamlessly integrating your media library with your website, you’ll get an automatic boost in search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Enjoy a fully-integrated web experience: Effortlessly manage media, live streaming, giving, groups, messaging, and events on your website—all from one central dashboard!

Make your church’s online presence faster and more discoverable with connected tools.


Church apps act as the centralized hub for your digital discipleship strategy. They’re the go-to place for your content and community.

With nearly 90% of the time spent on mobile devices happening in apps—not web browsers—church apps are more relevant than ever to reach people where they are at. 

Here are a few ways custom mobile apps can help your church deepen discipleship and engage your community:

  • Build authentic community throughout the week: With in-app Groups & Messaging tools, your people can join and engage with small groups or service teams without the need for a third-party app. Plus, group leaders can seamlessly share all your gospel-centered content right in the app!
  • Encourage Bible engagement: Related media in the Bible & Bible-reading plans help build a culture of scripture reading.
  • Make generosity simpler than ever: Mobile app giving allows your people to support your mission every day of the week. In fact, 78% of digital giving on the Subsplash Platform happens outside of Sunday!

See for yourself how much time, effort and money you can save

When there’s more engagement happening on your digital channels, everything your church does becomes more effective. With Subsplash One, you can simplify your technology, connect your people, and make more disciples—all in one place. 

Are you ready to discover how your church can adopt the latest tools to reach more people and make better disciples?

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