Push Notifications with GeoEngage

We are on a mission to help bridge the divide between digital and real-life communication. GeoEngage creates the ability to send location-based push notifications as well as complement person-to-person interactions that help connect your community right where they are.


Revolutionary Features to Help You Drive More Meaningful Engagement

Welcome People as they Enter

Send a message as people arrive at your GeoEngage Location.


In-Service Engagement

Send a message to people within your GeoEngage Location. 

Say Goodbye as People Leave

Send a message when people leave your GeoEngage Location.


The Power of Push Notifications

App users who receive a push notification are 3X more likely to open your ministry’s app. With push notifications you can send a personalized message to your community instantly. By scheduling a push notification, you can make rich and engaging messages by attaching media, events, and other types of content. 

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greater response


higher notification open rates


more retained app users



The Power of GeoEngage

Take your push notifications to the next level with GeoEngage! You can now utilize all your favorite push notification features with the added benefit of your messages being triggered based on a users action of entering, exiting, already within or outside your set location.

Simply set your GeoEngage location radius and anytime a user crosses, is within or outside that radius your scheduled message will be triggered and sent! 



Master mobile engagement

In The Ultimate Guide to GeoEngage, you’ll learn how to leverage push notifications to connect with your audience in an entirely new way. Download the free ebook today to learn about the incredible capabilities of GeoEngage, and get started with 50+ push notification ideas.

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Don't wait—start engaging today! 

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