The Chosen: Now playing on your church’s app

January 10, 2022

Pastors and church leaders face many challenges for making disciples in the age of “hybrid ministry.” Today, for example, effective engagement means staying connected throughout the week—not just on Sundays. Another major challenge is offering digital discipleship resources that cut through the distractions of social media and meaningfully engage your community.

Since creating the very first church app, Subsplash has been dedicated to furthering the mission of the local church. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our official partnership with The Chosen!

This partnership provides churches with powerful discipleship resources designed to have a real impact on people’s lives, and it’s exclusively available to churches using The Subsplash Platform—at no additional cost! 

What is The Chosen

The Chosen is the groundbreaking video series that brings to life the stories of the Gospels through the eyes of Jesus’ followers. Shortly after releasing its pilot episode, The Chosen became the “highest crowdfunded media project of all time,” allowing their team to self-finance the project and stay true to the gospel message. The Chosen Season 1 has been watched over 100 million times, impacting the world with its powerful portrayal of the good news of the gospel. 

The Chosen paints a compelling picture of the humanity and divinity of Jesus. Through vivid storytelling, we can imagine what it was like to actually be with Jesus as he began his earthly ministry—to watch him walk, eat, and talk with ordinary people; to witness his miracles; and to feel the cultural and social pressures that Jesus encountered as he revealed the message of the Kingdom of God.

The Chosen—now on your church’s app

New and existing Subsplash clients can add The Chosen Season 1 to their mobile apps and tablet apps for free! The Chosen videos will be hosted alongside your other media content, helping more people engage with your church’s resources. 

Your church will also receive The Chosen discussion questions for each episode! These powerful discipleship resources will help your small groups start meaningful conversations as they dive deeper into the Gospels.


How to get started 

Over 14,000 churches partner with Subsplash to engage their communities and make more and better disciples. If you’re already a Subsplash client and want to add The Chosen Season 1 to your mobile app, simply visit our Knowledge Center, submit the form, and we’ll handle the rest. You can also get started by connecting with your Client Success Manager. 

If you’re not already using the Subsplash Platform, connect with our team today to get a mobile and tablet app with The Chosen videos and start creating deeper engagement with your community today! 




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