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Subsplash Giving FAQs

Can I integrate Subsplash Giving with my church management system?

Keeping processes simple is essential for any church. That's why we’ve made it easy to connect your church management system (ChMS) with your Subsplash Giving Dashboard through seamless syncing capabilities and ChMS-compatible data exports.

Subsplash Giving is PCI compliant and has the highest level of data security to ensure that your church’s and donors’ data is protected!

Does Subsplash Giving work outside of the United States?

Subsplash Giving is currently available to churches, ministries, and other tax-exempt organizations located in the United States and Canada. However, people can donate via Subsplash Giving from anywhere in the world as long as the organization is using a US- or Canada-based bank.

Is Subsplash Giving secure?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Subsplash Giving is PCI compliant and has the highest level of data security to ensure that your church’s and donors’ data is protected!

Do Subsplash Giving donors receive a receipt?

Subsplash Giving donors receive a receipt as soon as their donation processes. If donors ever need to see their giving history, they can view their recent transactions by logging into their Subsplash Giving account.

How much does it cost to use Subsplash Giving?

Subsplash Giving has the industry’s best processing rates and no monthly or hidden fees. Credit and debit cards rates start at 2.3% for churches using the Subsplash Platform (2.9% for churches only using Subsplash Giving), while ACH rates start are even lower at 0.5–1.0%! With GrowCurve™, your church’s card processing rate can go as low as 1.9% as your donations increase. Best of all, there’s no contract required and you’ll never need to renegotiate your rates.

Check out this helpful chart to see how Subsplash Giving compares to other church giving solutions.

Can I issue donor tax statements with Subsplash Giving?

Yes! Whether you need to download statements in bulk or just one statement for an individual donor, Subsplash Giving makes it simple to manage and generate end-of-year tax statements.

Already using Subsplash Giving? Check out this Knowledge Center article to learn more about generating tax statements.

Church Mobile App FAQs

How do I manage and update my custom church apps?

We’ve built a powerful and simple-to-use platform that enables anyone to create a custom church app for Apple, Android, and Amazon—no technical knowledge or coding required! Building and managing your app happens in the Subsplash Dashboard.

But you’re not on your own: Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist is always available to help,  providing additional guidance and support to ensure your app is ready to be submitted to the app stores.

Don’t know where to start or just have a question? No problem! Top-tier onboarding, technical, and client success support is included with all packages, plus access to a library of helpful videos and how-to articles.

What can I do with my custom church app?

Custom-branded mobile apps make it simple to stay connected with your church community anytime, anywhere. From audio and video streaming to in-app giving to group messaging and so much more, custom church apps enable you to engage and grow your community!

Check out our blog to learn about 15 of the best church app features that you should be looking for with any mobile app provider.

How does my custom church mobile app get developed?

Our goal is to help your church build a great custom mobile app as quickly as possible,  while also providing all of the guidance and support you need along the way. From dedicated onboarding and support teams to a library of how-to articles and videos, we’re committed to providing expert help as you build, submit, and update your custom mobile app.

Can my app users download my sermons and other content to their phone?

Yes! Your church’s audio—sermons, podcasts, worship music, and more—can be downloaded for offline listening and played when other apps are in use with seamless transitions between video and audio.

Learn more about media on the Subsplash Platform.

Subsplash Live FAQs

Is Subsplash better than Facebook Live and YouTube?

Facebook Live and YouTube should not be the main live streaming solution for your church. They are not built with churches in mind and are significantly limited when compared to dedicated live streaming solutions.

In addition to being built with churches in mind, Subsplash Live is superior to Facebook Live and YouTube for its ability to stream to your website and apps for a clean, branded experience while still giving you the option to broadcast to Facebook Live and YouTube through syndication. The best part? It’s all managed in one place—your Subsplash Dashboard!

Learn more about the limitations and downsides of Facebook Live and YouTube.

What are the fees associated with Subsplash Live?

Subsplash Live pricing is based on the size of your weekly online audience, and is designed to scale with you as your community grows!. Don’t worry—regardless of your package, viewers will never be blocked from your live stream. As part of a comprehensive media and engagement platform, Subsplash Live is the most powerful and cost effective streaming solution for churches!

Talk to our team of experts about adding Subsplash Live to your engagement package today! Already a client? Log in to your Subsplash Dashboard to instantly add Subsplash Live today, or connect with your Client Success Manager!

Where are Subsplash Live streams broadcasted to?

Subsplash Live makes it simple to stream to any device, simultaneously broadcasting your content to your Subsplash mobile and TV apps, websites, and media libraries, as well as Facebook Live, YouTube, and other popular platforms through syndication.

Is Subsplash Live only for sermons?

No. In addition to live streaming weekend services, churches using Subsplash Live can also broadcast worship concerts, discipleship classes, and everything in between!

Websites FAQs

Is it easy to make a church website with Subsplash?

With its powerful drag-and-drop editor and custom church templates, anyone can easily build a beautiful church website using SnapPages! Our dedicated support team is also here to help answer any questions you have along the way.

How do Subsplash websites compare to Wix or WordPress?

Website builders like Wix and WordPress fail to deliver on the robust features and capabilities needed for an effective church website. For example, churches using SnapPages as their website builder automatically get plentiful secure cloud storage—forty times more than Wix and almost seven times more than WordPress!

Plus, as part of the Subsplash Platform, your SnapPages website is fully integrated with your custom mobile and TV apps—saving your church time and money by managing all of your content in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Check out our blog to learn about the most important church website builder features and why SnapPages stands out on top.

Why should my church have a website?

As your digital doorstep, an effective church website is the go-to place visitors can learn about your values, mission, and more while also taking the first step towards attending your services and getting connected with your community. For members, a church website is also a great resource for bulletins, calendar of events, updates, past sermons, and so much more!