New! Simple & secure Check-in for churches

February 26, 2024

Parents, volunteers, and church admins know the challenges of check-in processes—long waiting lines, safety concerns, and administrative hurdles quickly turn into frustrating bottlenecks to your church’s flow of events. 

But what if your check-in system was stress free? 

Introducing the latest advancement in Subsplash Management: Check-in. This latest release was built to streamline the check-in process for parents and volunteers, as well as empower church admins with greater efficiency, security, and insights. 

Check-in on the Subsplash Platform is the only check-in system created to drive deeper engagement for your church. Keep reading or check out the video below to learn about the new Check-in experience—with seamless event integration, simple kiosk setup, insightful analytics, innovative in-app features, and more! 

Making check-in better for everyone

The new Check-in experience is designed to offer a simple, seamless, and secure experience for both those checking in as well as your staff and volunteer teams. Here are some of the top highlights:

Safety & organization

Ensuring the safety and orderly management of children during church services and events is paramount. With our robust system, your church can now confidently track and oversee the movement of attendees, like children participating in childcare, Sunday school activities, and other events. Parents can also select a unique PIN number that is required for checking their children in or out. 


From setup to everyday use, Check-in on the Subsplash Platform was built with simplicity in mind. Check-in offers an intuitive and simple setup process, paired with user-friendly interfaces, catering to the needs of administrators, parents, and volunteers alike. This simplicity reduces confusion and stress, creating a more streamlined experience for everyone.

Deeper insights

Informed decision-making relies heavily on having access to the right data. The Subsplash platform provides your church with invaluable insights into check-in data, key filtering options, and attendance trends, empowering you to make well-informed strategic decisions regarding future events and resource allocation.

“Everything worked perfectly. It was so much easier for our families!” - Shalene, Desert Song Community Church

The Subsplash Difference: The power of Check-in 

Check-in systems should be simple, and welcome your community and visitors into a stress-free environment. Here are a few of the top features now available on the Subsplash Platform created to take your check-in experience to the next level: 

Seamless event & kiosk setup

Church admins and leaders can quickly scan a single QR code in the Subsplash Dashboard to swiftly install and connect their kiosk devices, making setup a breeze. From there, they can quickly create event sessions, add details like times and dates, and set session parameters such as ages, grades, and attendance capacity limits—all in their dashboard. Your volunteers can unlock the kiosks with a PIN code, update settings, and launch check-in mode to go live for all your events, right from the check-in kiosk.

All-ages check-in

Whether you’re setting up an event and enabling check-in for children, adults, or all ages, Check-in on the Subsplash Platform makes getting people checked in a breeze while keeping all of your events safe and secure. 

Pre-check with custom mobile apps (Coming soon!)

Check-in on the Subsplash Platform is the only solution built to drive deeper engagement back to your custom church app and other engagement tools. With pre-check, admins can easily enable guests to check into their event from your mobile app and allow people to quickly check themselves or their children in. The pre-check feature generates a simple QR code right in the user’s app, which can be scanned at a hassle-free “fast lane” kiosk to print labels—requiring no secondary app to download.

Child Check-in features

Guests will love the intuitive check-in process, where they can quickly locate their households or swiftly create new ones. Additional functionalities, such as including allergies and special provisions for children, enhance the overall user experience. Guests can print their labels via a WiFi or Bluetooth printer, as well as save their preferences to use again at their next check-in. 

“[W]e love the check-in system for our kids ministry, it’s been a blessing for sure!” - Jayden, Desert Song Community Church

Volunteer check-in tools

Empower your volunteers with the tools they need to efficiently manage check-in procedures, including guest check-out capabilities and label reprinting functionalities. The Check-in experience provides enhanced visibility into attendance levels and trends to better understand and engage those checked-in. Volunteers can quickly access parent contact information in order to contact them during church services or events. 

Insightful analytics

Robust analytical capabilities give administrators a comprehensive overview of check-in activities, so they can see every attendee profile that checked in, when they arrived, ages, grades and more. Admins can export these session attendance metrics to better track attendance and identify trends.

Robust household management

Facilitating the seamless organization of attendee profiles into households, administrators can efficiently manage household details and member attributes, ensuring accurate record-keeping and communication channels.

Give your church the best check-in experience

Subsplash Check-in represents a big jump in church management efficiency, security, and user experience. If you’re tired of long lines, complicated software, and unusable attendance data, experience stress-free check-ins on the Subsplash Platform.

The new Check-in experience is available to current Subsplash One clients! To upgrade your current Subsplash subscription to include Check-in, contact your Client Success Manager today

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