How much time & work can Subsplash save your church?

February 3, 2023

There’s a difference between being busy and being effective. This is especially true when it comes to your church and technology—sometimes the software that is meant to save you time ends up becoming the log that jams up your workflows and processes. 

For example, many churches use disconnected digital tools like church management software (ChMS), websites, messaging apps, mobile apps, online giving, social media, live streaming—the list goes on and on. When each of these tools have a different user interface and require separate login credentials, your church staff and members may feel confused, frustrated, and unproductive. This experience is known as “tool fatigue.” 

Using separate software also means that your people data is kept in distinct silos, requiring additional work just to keep each of them accurate and up to date. 

The question each church leader should be asking is this: Does our software help our teams do more or is it slowing them down? Think about how much time your pastor, staff, and team leaders spend every week entering data, repeating processes, and training volunteers how to use your church’s software. 

Fortunately, the Subsplash Platform offers a powerful yet simple-to-use solution used by more than 16,000 churches and organizations to:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Consolidate digital tools onto one platform
  • Train staff and volunteers faster
  • Manage one set of users and accounts
  • Make it easier for people to engage with your church
  • Eliminate the need for third-party plugins and integrations

It’s one thing to make claims like these, and another thing to back them up. Let’s take a look at seven questions that will show how Subsplash’s tools can help your church save time and effort so you can focus on what’s really important—sharing the gospel and making disciples. 

7 questions to test your digital tools’ effectiveness

Question #1: What recurring tasks are your team doing manually?

Think about the repetitive tasks that your leaders spend hours doing over and over every week. Now, imagine how much time you could free up if those processes were automated. 

For example, some churches live stream their services, record those live streams, use editing software to shorten them, then spend hours uploading those videos to their website, mobile app, and popular social media platforms. 

With Subsplash Live, your team can consolidate many of these processes by:

  • Streaming simultaneously to your website, mobile app, and social media platforms
  • Trimming and editing your content before publishing everywhere
  • Automatically converting live streams to on-demand archives in your media library
  • Tagging your videos by speaker, topic, or Bible verse to make them more discoverable
  • Converting your videos to audio podcasts with one click of a button
  • Adding sermon art and watching it populate across each of your selected videos

Better yet, all of these tasks can be conveniently done in a single place—your Subsplash Dashboard. Church leaders appreciate being able to cut out hours of manual work and waiting for processes to finish!

Here are some more time-saving Subsplash tools: 

  • People profile management: Allow your church members to update their own profile information, and it will update across the Subsplash Platform
  • Year-end giving statement: Send your donors their tax exempt contribution statements with one click of a button
  • Web embeds: Easily add your previous sermons to your website via web embeds
  • People merge: Quickly merge duplicate people profiles into one
  • Bulk import: Import your people’s information from third-party software into Subsplash to create new people profiles with historical giving data

Question #2: How many staff or volunteers are needed to complete a single workflow?

Many church workflows require multiple people to perform similar or related tasks, and this can lead to a decline in productivity, a decrease in data accuracy, or completely missed steps in those processes. 

For example, most churches collect cash, checks, and online donations each week. There is one team that collects the cash and checks, and another person tallies those totals and prepares them for deposit. Another person tracks the incoming online donations, and then all of these numbers are compiled and entered into their bookkeeping software. 

With Subsplash Giving, your team can use the donation entry feature to enter cash donations so that they appear next to online donations. The check scanning feature allows your team to quickly and accurately scan checks to your batches rather than entering each check’s information by hand. You can see all of your donors’ giving history and contact information in one location.

By consolidating your workflow into one dashboard, Subsplash helps you reduce the number of people and volunteers needed, as well as increase efficiency and the accuracy of your data. 

Question #3: How many logins does your team need to manage?

Managing multiple login credentials can be frustrating and exhausting. In fact, studies show that 43% of employees admit to having shared their login credentials, assigned their work to others, and even completely ignored their tasks simply to avoid the headache of logging in. 

Think about the separate usernames and passwords your teams have to manage to access your church’s software every day. On top of that, most church staff use multiple devices at work (computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc.), and each of these require more login steps. 

We understand how this simple task can impact your teams and the safety of your church’s data. That’s why Subsplash offers a single user profile login to access all of your church’s digital tools!

Question #4: How many accounts do your end users need to manage?

Similar to your team’s logins, the more accounts your church members need to use increases the likelihood that they’ll not bother using your software due to the frustration of managing multiple accounts. 

Imagine one of your church members’ experience on a typical Sunday if they need separate accounts and login credentials to: 

  • Check in their children to their classes or nurseries
  • Make a donation on their smartphone
  • Register for an upcoming event
  • View their assigned volunteer assignments
  • Access the note-taking feature on your church’s mobile app

Having so many logins can discourage or prevent people from using your tools. The Subsplash Platform allows your church member the convenience of one account to manage that is connected to all of your digital tools. 

Question #5: How many third-party plugins or integrations are required to get something done?

Many times church leaders buy software to solve a single problem, but later on discover they need third-party plugins or integrations to use the software, such as:

  • ChMS integrations
  • Donation-platform embeds
  • Live streaming plugins
  • Podcast integrations
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Rather than piecemealing your software together, Subsplash One offers a unified platform where third party integrations aren’t required for all of your tools to work together, but instead those integrations are optional if your church wants to use them. 

Question #6: Can your software scale as your church grows? 

As your ministry grows, you shouldn’t have to continually reassess your digital tools. Because Subsplash One comes with a complete suite of digital tools offering the newest and best features on the Subsplash Platform, it scales with your church so you always have everything you need, and you never have to upgrade your software or switch technology providers.

Question #7: Are you spending time (or money) on regular upgrades or software updates?

Another challenge with operating separate software is keeping that software up to date. While this might seem like a small task, having to update dozens of software programs across multiple devices can be quite laborious and time consuming. Upgrading software and paying for multiple subscriptions can also increase expenses.

Subsplash One offers a single platform with cloud hosting, eliminating the need for your team to handle lots of upgrades themselves. 

See for yourself how much time, effort and money you can save

Think of all that your team could do every week with all of the hours they save from using Subsplash One. It combines everything you need to reach new people, engage them with your church’s content, encourage generosity, and make disciples—on a single, unified platform. 

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