4 Subsplash Giving updates that will delight your team

November 2, 2022

Churches choose Subsplash Giving because of its simple yet beautiful giving experience that enables donors to give any time from anywhere through their church website, mobile app, and text-to-give. Innovative features such as the live stream giving prompt and GrowCurve™ encourage generosity while also allowing your church to keep more of your donations with automatically lowering processing rates.

Beyond delighting your donors, our team has invested in several updates to giving reports, data imports, and donor management that are sure to excite your admin and finance teams! Let’s take a look at four of the latest Subsplash Giving updates.

1. Updated reporting

Our latest reporting tools will assist you with everything from reconciliation to spotting trends, so your team can quickly and easily:

  • View donors, funds, and recurring trends on your Analytics page
  • View fund performance for a given time range, for your main campus or across all of your campuses
  • Reconcile recurring gifts at the end of every month for better insight on failed gifts or canceled members

You’ll also love having complete, custom control of filters so you can explore your giving data in whatever ways serve your ministry best.  

2. People merge  

One major frustration for your admin team is discovering multiple giving profiles for the same donor. To keep your people data organized, you can now easily merge multiple donor profiles to see a consolidated view of their giving history. Additionally, donors with multiple profiles will now receive a single, consolidated end-of-year giving statement once their profiles have been merged.

3. Consolidated people view

You can now see all of the data for your members in a single location, including their contact information and giving history, in the consolidated people view

4. Donation entry

Most churches still receive some cash or checks each week. Rather than having to keep separate records, donation entry helps keep your entire church giving history—online, checks, and cash—all in one place. As a bonus, if you ever receive other types of gifts such as cryptocurrency through another platform, you can record those gifts using donation entry as well.

This allows your team to have a complete picture of your financial health and provide a consolidated statement for your members.

Make the switch to Subsplash Giving

We launched Subsplash Giving with the purpose of “partnership over profit,” starting with offering an amazing giving solution with zero setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. Thanks to GrowCurve, we’ve sent millions of dollars back to churches so they can invest in what’s really important—sharing the gospel and making disciples!

We’ve helped thousands of churches start receiving donations online, and our team of experts is ready to help your church transition from your current giving provider to Subsplash Giving.

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