We’re Making Exciting Changes to Grow with You

This past year has been incredible. Our clients hit record breaking engagement with over 166 million app launches, 79 million media plays, hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, and billions of page views. We are seeing more and more people engage with their church at a level we have never experienced before. This is a testament to all of the effort, time and prayer you put into creating authentic Gospel-centered experiences for your community, and for that we thank you.  

With your growth, the demand for Subsplash services has continued to increase at an exponential rate, and we have exciting new plans in regards to leveling-up our infrastructure to ensure that you get the best technology and service.

We are honored to serve you along with our team of passionate, dedicated, and gifted innovators. Our team drives for excellence and have come from companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Rackspace, and Expedia. What truly makes our team best in class, is a heart to serve churches and advance the Kingdom.

All of us at Subsplash are focused on bringing you delight and committed to growing along with you as partners in ministry. To that end, we have created the Subsplash platform with:

  • Microservices infrastructure with service-oriented architecture

  • Load balancing

  • Geographically distributed data centers

  • Servers in data centers across multiple geographic regions

  • Global CDNs

  • Cloud computing infrastructure via Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, etc.

We are excited about enhancing these technologies and expanding upon them so that we can continue to help you serve your communities and share the Good News. We look forward to growing with you as you experience the direct impact of increased engagement in your communities. If you’re new to the Subsplash Platform and want to learn more about our platform and services contact us at hello@subsplash.com

Looking forward!

Tim Turner, Founder + CEO

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