Supporting your ministry this Christmas—and beyond

At Subsplash we strive for humility, innovation, and excellence in all we do. We’re passionate about making the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible and creating products that delight millions of people around the world.

We feel privileged to partner with churches and ministries around the world who are creating authentic, gospel-centered experiences for their communities, and seeing incredible growth in downloads, viewership, attendance, and giving.

It’s also been our privilege to expand our platform, to innovate and put new engagement tools into the hands of our clients. This year we’ve introduced SnapPages™ websites, Push Notifications with GeoEngage™ (beta), Roku TV Apps, ChMS integrations with Planning Center and Rock RMS, two new web integrations, media search, and more!

Now, with fewer than 40 days until Christmas, many churches are getting ready for their busiest season. We want to continue to support engagement and discipleship in the months ahead. In fact, we’ve been preparing for it all year.

we’re making exciting changes to grow with you

Here are additional details on what we’ve accomplished in 2018, and what we’ve put in place to support the Subsplash Platform for years to come.

  • We added two engineers to our Site Reliability Engineering team, allowing us to provide 24-hour, on-call coverage, everyday of the week.

  • We completed numerous architecture and code improvements that leverage multi-region database replication technology to make our platform more resilient.

  • We established a robust internal immediate response process to escalate any potential incidents. We've also integrated our on-call tools and procedures, enabling our team to see potential issues early and address them quickly.

  • We deployed a status page for all systems which visually shows current platform status in real-time.

  • We completed the migration of all Subsplash Giving services to fully redundant environments across data centers in multiple geographies to give us significantly enhanced reliability.

Faster, more reliable, and better than ever

Lastly, we are incredibly close to releasing substantial improvements to up-to-date apps that have successfully set up Apple Developer accounts, including:

  • Lightning-fast app launch times—less than one second!

  • Real-time caching delivers fast and reliable experiences in every part of the app, while enabling Subsplash clients to update content instantly and dynamically.

  • Offline experience is the new app enhancement that makes all previously visited content and pre-downloaded media accessible to users.

  • Always connected allows users to give a donation, visit a church’s website, and access the status page even when apps can’t reach Subsplash servers.

If you have any questions about how these improvements can increase engagement in your community, reach out to your Client Success Manager. If you’re new to the Subsplash Platform, let’s chat!

Chris ElliottComment