Finding the best church website templates

An engaging website is the perfect way to introduce your ministry to visitors while also keeping your community informed. Unfortunately, many churches lack the technical know-how to create their own websites, so building one can feel overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be—thanks to church website templates!

The best website builders for churches offer templates that save time and enable people of all technical abilities to build sites by using themes created by professional designers. Templates are the perfect starting point when building out your church website. 


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A website template is a premade webpage, or set of webpages, that works as the initial framework for your website’s look and layout. Most templates require no prior coding or technical experience to customize.

When exploring website builders, it’s important to see what types of templates are included. Most popular website builders do not include church templates (more on this later). SnapPages™, on the other hand, offers a variety of church-specific templates to utilize on your website at no extra cost.


Church-specific templates stand out among standard templates because they are designed with churches in mind. Rather than spend time over-customizing a generic template meant for a business or blog, church templates have pre-built page layouts to match the needs of your ministry—such as webpages dedicated to your ministry’s beliefs and vision, staff, giving, and more.

These pre-built church templates enable you to create a powerful and engaging website in a matter of clicks, saving you time and making it incredibly easy to update with your content and branding.


Easy to use—When building your church website, you want a template that’s both easy to use as-is and easy to customize further. Church templates shouldn’t take a lot of work to turn out a beautiful, powerful website for your community and visitors to engage and enjoy.

Website builders that have a drag-and-drop editor, like SnapPages, are ideal for building your template-based church website. The intuitive functionality of the SnapPages editor means it only takes a few clicks to reassemble a page, move sections, or add new blocks—giving you complete control and ultimate customization.

Included for free—Templates should be automatically included in your website subscription, however, that’s not always the case. Many popular website builders offer templates, but the majority do not include church-specific templates, let alone free ones. Your church shouldn’t have to attempt to make an unrelated theme—like one for a business, school, or blog—fit and adapt to the needs of your ministry.

Additionally, your church should not have to use a third-party site to purchase a relevant template that’s also compatible with your website builder. If the developer abandons your third-party theme, that leaves you with no support or quality control for your church website. Infrequent updates are also a common issue with many purchased templates—making you reliant on a developer’s timeline, regardless of the severity of the problem.

Compatible with integrations—The best templates support your church’s media content and online giving without forcing you to do any complicated coding or leave out any important but incompatible resources. An added bonus is finding a website builder that’s a part of a larger platform, so your church apps and website can be managed from one place, saving you the time needed to update them separately.




SnapPages automatically includes a variety of pre-built church templates, so there’s no need to search for a relevant theme to purchase. Plus, church websites built on SnapPages are incredibly easy to customize. No more being limited to just changing text display—the drag-and-drop editor lets you assemble a page, move sections, add new blocks, and more to any website, template-based or otherwise!

SnapPages also integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Subsplash Platform—making it easy to add your media, events, or digital giving onto your website through custom integrations. Plus, all of your content is managed from one place (the Subsplash Dashboard) and automatically populates to your custom mobile app, TV app, and website with no extra work.

Weebly has a small range of built-in templates but does not currently offer a church website template. While these default themes are free, many turn to third-party custom themes to get the layout and features needed for their ideal church website.

Weebly advertises their drag-and-drop editor, but customization becomes extremely limited when using a custom template over the ones included in your package—hindering your creative freedom and slowing down your building process. Additionally, Weebly’s default templates are mobile-responsive but do not give you the ability to update your mobile site directly, giving you little to no control over the layout of how your church website is viewed on mobile devices. 

Wix offers around ten free church templates to choose from. However, Wix’s restrictive design makes updating your template-based website a hassle. Once your website is live, you will be unable to change the template—forcing you to either start an entirely new website or to keep your current template but ramp up the customization to get a slightly different look. 

Squarespace offers plenty of free templates but not any church-specific ones. The closest you would find for your church website would be under the “Community and Non-Profit” category. The needs of an average community-based or non-profit organization would likely not be a perfect match for those of your ministry. 

WordPress currently comes with three generic themes. In order to find a church-specific theme for your website, you would need to search the 7,000+ available ones in the WordPress Theme Directory. If this seems overwhelming, you’re right! The directory’s limited search capability lets you search by desired layout, features, and subject. It does not include searchable features like online giving integrations for your digital donations, media delivery for your sermon series, blog functionality for church bulletins and updates, and so much more. Plus, “church” is not even a search option for subject type.

Building a website for your church has never been easier thanks to powerful builders and church-specific templates! The best website builder for churches is SnapPages—its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, custom church templates, and powerful integration with the rest of the Subsplash Platform let you build a beautiful church website in a snap! Regardless of size or technical skill, any church can easily set up a website to increase engagement, expand your reach, and make more disciples.

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