What to look for in a church communication solution

Facilitating effortless and meaningful communication is a challenge faced by all pastors and church leaders. Good communication is often the difference between vibrant, healthy communities and disengaged ones, and the solution you choose to build connections in your church can either encourage or inhibit authentic engagement. 

Above all, your church communication tools should be easy to use and manage with unlimited messaging—and ultimately drive engagement within your community.

Here’s what every church leader should look for in a communication solution:



When implementing any new tool, your first consideration should be whether or not it’s easy for your community to get started and continue using it. The best communication solutions make it incredibly simple for your church members to sign up and start engaging right away.

Subsplash Messaging helps get your community plugged in with account invites sent via email or text from your admin’s Subsplash Dashboard. From there, members can immediately join a public group or start connecting in any private groups they’re part of.

Because it’s easy to access and built into your custom church app, Subsplash Messaging doesn’t require your members to download a new app to their devices. In other words, they can engage with your community in the same place they’re already engaging with your media, content, events, and more.

Public and private channels

The best church communication solution for your church should make it easy for members to adopt, but without being so accessible that outsiders can disrupt groups they haven’t been invited to.

Subsplash Messaging gives you control over adding and removing members to private channels, so you don’t have to worry about irrelevant content or unexpected participants derailing the conversation. And public groups are always open to anyone who wants to engage with your community!


Your community’s ability to build authentic relationships shouldn’t be restricted by a limit on messages they can send or receive. Look for a communication tool that offers unlimited messaging!

The best solutions, like Subsplash Messaging, offer completely unlimited messages and channels. But this isn’t the norm among church communication tools. Some offer a set amount of free messages per month but then charge for any message beyond that limit. Tithe.ly Messaging, for example, imposes a limit of only 200 text messages per month. Any unused allowances don’t roll over, and overages cost 2.9¢ per additional message.

Don’t settle for any communication tool that limits or penalizes high engagement!


How do your communication tools drive engagement and foster relationships in your community? The best solutions don’t just allow admins and leaders to send announcements but they encourage meaningful interactions among members.

Tithe.ly Messaging uses email and SMS text as methods for one-way communication. This means that while your members may be able to receive news and updates from your church, they have limited options when it comes to engaging with one another. 

Solutions like Subsplash Messaging work with the tools you’re already using, like your custom church app, to keep communication in one central place. Your members can participate in private channels, join a public channel, or even start a direct message with someone else in their community. 

Engaging features, like emoji reactions and GIF sharing, make Subsplash Messaging a lively and dynamic place to stay connected—all inside of your app.


Church communication tools should create a seamless experience for everyone involved, but, unfortunately, many solutions focus mainly on the administrative side of things. While that’s also important, the main purpose of these tools should be building connections among church members.

Tithe.ly Messaging focuses on follow-up campaigns and text or email blasts to gather contact info from users. Similarly, Planning Center Groups prioritizes data and record-keeping over meaningful conversation. This is great for admins to track user participation and interest but ultimately falls short of giving your community a space to interact with one another.

The best church communication solutions should focus less on automated messages and data collection and more on creating an inviting environment for users to share anything from prayer requests to plans for the next church event to questions about a recent sermon.

Don't worry—Subsplash Messaging makes it easy on admins too! After signing up, Subsplash Messaging is enabled inside your custom church app and managed from the Subsplash Dashboard, giving you a branded experience without the hassle of managing a new system. 

Other church communication tools are not as easy to set up and often require extra work for your admins. For example, Tithe.ly Messaging requires you to set up an “800” phone number and a new email address in order to start communicating.

Equip your community to experience effortless communication that builds connections by adopting a top-tier church communication solution like Subsplash Messaging! It’s simple to get started right away. 

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Olivia Massimiano, Marketing Generalist

Inspired by her experience as a church volunteer and member, Olivia is passionate about equipping churches with compelling and useful content. When she’s not working, you’ll usually find her at the movies, exploring the Pacific Northwest, or spoiling her dog.

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