5 online tithing benefits for churches

November 19, 2020

Every church has a mission. As we engage in sharing the gospel and serving our communities, online donations play a critical role in every church’s success. And studies show that in today’s mobile-focused, socially distanced world, donors prefer to tithe online with a card instead of checks or cash! 

This has led many church leaders to ask, “Should we give the option to tithe electronically?” Digital tithing is simple to set up and offers many advantages to both church leaders and their donors. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tithing benefits that online church giving offers.

1. Increase your tithes and gifts

Online giving tools are sometimes thought of as being most beneficial for increasing spur-of-the-moment gifts, but they’re actually effective at increasing all kinds of regular tithes and offerings. In fact, churches see an average 32% increase in their overall donations when they add digital giving to their website and mobile app!

Top church tithing software, such as Subsplash Giving, offer recurring giving, a feature which makes it simple for members to tithe regularly all year long. By setting up a recurring gift, they no longer need to worry about writing a check on payday—their gift is withdrawn automatically! Recurring giving also allows your team to better anticipate tithes and more accurately plan your annual budget. 

Another must-have feature that helps increase overall donations? Donor-covered fees. With this feature, your members can pay any transaction fees charged by your online tithing solution by adding it to their donation. (View a full breakdown of these fees.) This ensures that 100% of their tithes are given directly to your church! 

2. Give your donors a better tithing experience

For your members, bringing tithes and offerings should be simple anytime, anywhere—not just at the church building. Subsplash Giving offers the best tithing app, which allows your donors to quickly and conveniently pay tithes online on their mobile device. You’ll also receive a dedicated giving page to add to your church website, as well as Subsplash’s amazingly simple text-to-give feature

By offering options to tithe through your church’s tithe app, donation webpage, or text-to-give, your members won’t miss any opportunity to show their generosity. 

3. Balance the books with simplified accounting

Any digital giving solution worth using will have automatic donation tracking and reporting features to simplify your record-keeping and accounting. With a powerful online giving platform like Subsplash Giving, you can:

  • Track incoming donations and update donor information
  • Send your donors reports about their donation history for tax purposes
  • Export your giving statements to use with other accounting software
  • Analyze the breakdown of recurring gifts, donor-covered fees, and more

Having this access to your financial records can help your bookkeeping team be more informed and efficient, ultimately freeing up more resources for ministry! 

4. Save time with ChMS integrations

Your online giving solution should make it simple to sync data with the best church management software (ChMS). This integration can help you avoid common clerical errors, such as double-entry bookkeeping, duplicate information, and missing data.

Eliminating the need to manually update your ChMS records after you receive a donation is another massive timesaving benefit of online tithing! 

5. Keep your church’s finances safe

Unfortunately, churches are often targets of fraud and embezzlement. According to studies, worldwide fraud against churches will reach $80 billion by 2025. This is even more shocking when you consider that number does not include the estimated 80% of church fraud cases that go unreported! 

Not surprisingly, the least secure forms of receiving tithes are cash and checks. Digital giving is by far a more secure method for receiving donations. Subsplash Giving has a plethora of security features, plus a dedicated team that monitors for potentially fraudulent activity. It’s also PCI compliant, which means church and donors information is protected with the industry’s highest level of data encryption. 

Tithing online makes reconciling your giving transactions and bank deposits a simple task. It also helps facilitate audits by giving easy access to accurate donation data that can help you identify financial irregularities. 

It’s time to add online tithing

By now you can see how online and in-app tithing can have a positive impact on your church community and help support your mission! By implementing the best digital donation services, your church can increase your giving, simplify your accounting and record keeping, and keep your finances safe and secure.

Subsplash Giving offers the best online transaction rates with no monthly fees! You’ll also get a dedicated expert to train you how to use Subsplash Giving. You’ll get professional insights and resources to help drive adoption of your new giving service among your donors. Plus, your church will receive an exclusive giving guarantee stating that if your church doesn’t see total donations increase in your first year, your second year of Subsplash services will be free. 

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