the call of the church

The discipleship journey

You can’t have discipleship without engagement. That’s why the Subsplash Platform is built to accelerate the mission of every church to make more and better disciples.

From discovery to outreach and every
step in between

As a church planter, your time is limited. The Subsplash Platform streamlines admin tasks so you can stay focused on what’s most important: sharing the gospel.

Set a strong foundation for growth

Your digital tools should scale with your ministry. With a fully integrated engagement platform, your church plant can have the biggest possible impact from day one and as your community grows.

Enable daily gospel engagement

Keep your content front and center when you promote events, encourage Bible reading, or share the latest sermon with mobile push notifications.

In a world desperate for hope, how are people finding your church? When so many of life’s big questions begin with an online search, it’s never been more important to have a digital doorstep for your ministry. The Subsplash Platform makes your church’s content more discoverable and accessible with search engine-optimized (SEO) websites that look great on any device.


Hybrid ministry is the new normal for churches everywhere. Is your digital presence enhancing in-person experiences with your church? The Subsplash Platform is everything you need to meet people where they are and create opportunities to connect meaningfully with your church in person and online.

Authentic community goes beyond Sunday. Whether through group engagement, in-app messaging, or real-life events, the Subsplash Platform enables your church to grow deep and wide as followers of Jesus.

Growing in discipleship means abiding in the Word. That’s why the Subsplash Platform was built to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible through Bible-reading plans in your app, complete media tools to share the gospel message, and so much more.

Is your community mobilized to serve on Sundays and throughout the week? The Subsplash Platform combines engagement and people management to streamline your database, connect people faster, and keep teams organized.

Generosity doesn’t happen by accident. How are you cultivating a spirit of stewardship in your community? Digital giving is deeply integrated with the Subsplash Platform to create opportunities to give wherever people engage with your church—on your website, through your mobile app, or even during a live stream.

Are your people equipped to reach others with the good news? The Subsplash Platform puts gospel-centered media into the hands of your audience so they can effortlessly share content and invite others into your community anytime, anywhere.

Church software built for discipleship

Subsplash One is the complete solution for church engagement. Get started today!