Free church logos, graphics, slides, & more for church plants

July 19, 2022

Ask any church planter and they’ll tell you that planting a church takes a lot of work. The pastor and a small launch team are responsible for everything from setting up chairs to teaching the children’s ministry and cleaning up after the service.

One church planting challenge is creating graphics, church logos, and other visual resources that attract people and enhance your communications. Hiring a professional graphic designer is expensive, and it’s rare for church launch teams to have volunteers with sufficient design experience to do everything in-house.

That’s why we’re excited to offer a series of free customizable templates that allow you to easily create your own unique visual identity for your church plant to maximize your impact!

When you download your free Church Plant Media Kit, you’ll get neutrally branded, ready-to-use templates with instructions on how to customize your designs to look just right for your church. You’ll be able to make your own church graphics without any professional experience or expensive software needed.

So, whether you’re a church planter looking to establish your unique identity, or an older church looking to refresh your brand, you’ll love these free resources we’ve created for you!

Download your Church Plant Media Kit now!

Church Plant Media Kit templates

When you download your free media kit, you’ll receive high-quality, customizable templates for the following:

  • Logo designs
  • Social media graphics
  • Church presentation slides
  • Business cards
  • Welcome signs
  • Church invitations
  • Email headers

Use the accompanying instructions to help your church plant establish your own unique visual identity and brand. This will help people easily recognize and more deeply identify with your ministry.

Get your free Church Plant Media Kit

More church planting resources

Creating a beautiful church logo design, graphics, and other visual resources is just one small part of all the work that goes into starting a new church. That’s why we’re excited to offer more church planting resources to help you as a church planter make the biggest impact possible, such as:

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You’ll get practical insights and helpful tips on finding royalty-free images and discover how to customize them for your church plant.

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Get instant access to our most popular ebooks for insights and inspiration!

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Find out how to use technology to share the gospel around the globe and offer more opportunities than ever to raise up new disciples.

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Online giving isn’t just for big churches. Church plants need online giving because they’re ready to grow. Discover the best online giving solutions are for small churches.

How to create a church budget

Use this simple checklist to walk through each step in the process of building your budget from scratch. Be sure to download our free ebook, the Church Budgeting Guide.

10 church software solutions to help your church succeed

Discover the 10 best software solutions for helping your church plant thrive.

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