5 tech tools to help your small groups thrive

People need people. While today’s technology allows us to instantly connect with other people, 61% of American adults suffer from loneliness (as do 71% of teens and young adults). This “epidemic of loneliness” makes the role of churches as places of community more important than ever. 

Small groups have become essential for churches because they draw people together, build meaningful relationships, and create community. These groups can be made up of people from all ages, backgrounds, and demographics to provide a safe place where they feel connected, supported, and valued. 

Challenges facing small group leaders

Effectively running small groups, however, often proves to be difficult as many churches struggle with essential tasks, such as: 

  • Promotion—How can we help people find our groups & register?
  • Management—Keeping track of whom, where, & when?
  • Communication—How do we stay informed & connected? 
  • Resources—What materials do we share & how do we share them? 

Small group leaders use whatever tools they can find to get things done. Unfortunately, with so many disconnected systems, tools, and processes, things can quickly become more complex and difficult to manage. 

So what can you do to help your small groups overcome these challenges? Let’s take a look.

5 tech tools every small group needs

Here are five powerful tools available on the Subsplash Platform that make your church’s small groups more manageable, more effective, and healthier.

1. Group Finder

Many churches promote their small groups and wonder why people just aren’t joining them. The most common roadblock is that there is no clear and simple way to find and register for small groups. 

The Group Finder feature makes it easy to find a group that fits your needs. People can search by group name, description, or type and register on their smartphones, tablet or computers through your church’s website and mobile app. You can also create a QR code to help people find your groups page, or send a push notification to people using your app about new or existing small group opportunities. 

Church small group tools

2. Request to Join

Administrators now have more control over who is able to join a group thanks to the new Request to Join feature. When setting up public or private small groups, they have a selection of registration choices, including:

  • Open groups: Anyone can join or be invited.
  • Request-to-join groups: Before allowing users to join their group and take part in group conversations, group managers have the option of pre-screening all registrations.
  • Closed groups: Only members invited by Group Managers may join.

Keep your groups the right size, confidential, and age appropriate with the Request to Join feature.

Church small group messaging tool

3. Group texting & messaging

Subsplash Messaging helps you move from community conversations and engagement one day a week to community all week long. This powerful group messaging tool provides you with text (SMS) messaging so you can instantly connect with your small group and facilitate two-way communication.

You also can message your groups through your church's app or web browser making it easier than ever to share needs, prayer requests, or just have a meaningful conversation with other people. Both text messages and group messaging can be easily set up and managed from your Subsplash Dashboard.

4. Built-in safeguards

Unfortunately the internet is full of trolls and online bullies. Groups and Messaging on the Subsplash Platform comes with tools that provide pastoral oversight and keep your groups safe. For example, users can report offensive or abusive behavior, and group administrators can decide whether to ban someone. There are also built-in tools that automatically block offensive language or content. 

5. A mobile app for lessons & notes

With Subsplash, your groups and mobile church app are fully integrated, providing one place for small group teams and members to chat, keep updated on upcoming events, and engage with discipleship resources. 

For example, if your group is having a sermon-based discussion, you can add discussion questions right below the sermon in Subsplash Media, share fill-in-notes, or allow people to take their own notes. You can also add world-class discipleship resources to your church app at no extra charge—such as The Chosen, Bible Project, Ligonier Ministries, and Wild at Heart!  

Connect your people

People need people—Subsplash can help. Small groups are at the heart of your church community, and if you’re tired of seeing your them struggle to grow, communicate, and thrive, it’s time to take action. 

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Jeff Harvey, Content Strategist

Jeff lives in Austin, TX and is a husband, father, and bonsai enthusiast. He’s served churches for over 20 years as a pastor, teacher, and missionary. He also holds a MBA from George Fox University and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

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