How one multicampus church is embracing technology to deepen discipleship

February 12, 2021

What does it look like for churches to cultivate discipleship beyond their buildings and weekend services? By leveraging technology, any church can create digital spaces that foster meaningful connections and produce gospel-centered content that engages their communities. 

Lead Pastor Mark Batterson, Technology Director Matt Ortiz, and Groups Pastor Amanda Seidler of National Community Church (NCC) recently sat down with our team on the Subsplash podcast, Equip and Engage, to discuss how technology has helped them pivot their strategy as a multicampus church to stay connected virtually during a year unlike any other.

One of NCC’s core convictions is that “The church ought to be the most creative place on the planet.” Here are three key insights that have helped NCC live out their vision and find success through technology:


Over the course of the last year, every church leader has at one point (or many) asked themselves, “How can my community stay connected with one other—and stay spiritually engaged—throughout the week? 

The team at NCC has recognized that without weekly worship services, there are new opportunities to lead their community in daily spiritual disciplines, like morning prayer meetings and devotional podcast episodes. 68 million Americans listen to at least one podcast a week, so church podcasts like NCC’s are an excellent opportunity to expand your reach to a significantly larger audience. Plus, virtual prayer meetings enable so many more people to participate, regardless of their location, commute time, or any other factors!


Collaboration and teamwork are key to any community, and churches are no exception. NCC’s new devotional podcast—NCC Daily—invites pastors, staff, and members of all ages and backgrounds to bring their unique voice to the table as they connect with God and each other.


Good technology should empower your community to connect regardless of their location or device. The team at NCC leverages the Subsplash Platform to seamlessly publish gospel-centered media content across their custom mobile app, TV app, and website. Whether revisiting a meaningful message on the NCC TV app or discovering NCC Daily on Apple Podcasts, NCC makes it simple for their community and visitors alike to discover and engage with the good news.

We hope these practical tips from National Community Church inspire you to see the impact that technology can have in your community as you balance online and in-person ministry! With the right tools and practices in place, any church can drive discipleship, cultivate meaningful connections, and expand their reach. 

To dive further into this topic check out episode 21, “Embracing technology to deepen discipleship,” of the Equip & Engage podcast—or connect with us to learn more about how you can leverage technology to reach your community.

If you’re currently utilizing the Subsplash Platform and want to discover new strategies for engaging your audience, connect with your Client Success Manager today! 

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