Authentic communication starts here—Introducing Subsplash Messaging!

October 17, 2019

We know how hard it can be to get your entire community on board with the same church communication solution. With so many people using so many different tools, facilitating effortless and meaningful communication can be a challenge for your community. That’s why we created one central place for communicating with your audience, and it’s right inside the app they’re already using. 

Introducing Subsplash Messaging, one central location to build more authentic community, streamline communication, and better equip your church leaders. 

Subsplash Messaging engages your audience in a way they already understand and in the app they’re already using, all for the purpose of creating more meaningful connections within your community.

It’s more than just messages

Whether you need a place to share a private prayer request, coordinate a meal or rally your community group, simply create a new message and send it directly to your channel. Members within the channel will be able to see everything in one place and together create real, relational experiences as a community.                


Engagement without limitations

We know that communication happens in so many different ways, and we believe there shouldn’t be a limit on engagement within your community. With Subsplash Messaging, users can create dedicated channels for small groups, service teams, or other discussions. It’s easy to invite people and get them started right away, and users can create a new channel or message at any time—no limits whatsoever.



Beautifully simple

Getting your community on board with better communication should be simple, and that’s why we’ve made Subsplash Messaging beautifully simple to get started. Leaders can easily send invitations by email or text, reaching new members where they‘re at. It takes just two steps to get your community plugged in and ready to start connecting! 

     “One of the hardest things to do as a church plant is to keep people connected. Subsplash Messaging, to me, is a complete and total game-changer.”    

— Jevon Washington, Lead Pastor at Flourish Church



Total in-app engagement

You shouldn’t have to worry about managing multiple tools and utilizing dozens of software solutions. Keep your audience in one place with all your content at their fingertips. Subsplash Messaging integrates right into your app and allows your community to stay connected, while keeping your content at the forefront of their engagement. 

     “Other communication tools are just another app for someone to download. My dream for communication is one place for everyone to go to. If you solve this, I’d be your customer forever.”    

— Bert Alcorn, Lead Pastor at Anthem Ventura

     “We tried another app to boost communication, and it didn’t work. But, having it as part of our Subsplash app, and then getting people used to opening it up and using everything all in one place, is really incredible.”    

— Jeffry LeBlanc, Community Pastor at Evergreen Church

Get started with building more authentic community

It’s time to give your community the gift of effortless communication that builds connections and supports them along the discipleship journey. 

Ready to learn how your organization can create more meaningful connections with Subsplash Messaging?[.blog-contact-cta] Let’s chat! [.blog-contact-cta]Want to learn more about Subsplash Messaging? Check it out!

Subsplash Messaging is now available for all Subsplash clients. To get started with Subsplash Messaging, contact your Client Success Manager or sign up today!

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