New! Check Scanning is live in Subsplash Giving

September 27, 2021

Even as online giving continues to grow in popularity across demographics—with over half of all 65+ aged adults using smartphones to manage their finances online—church leaders are facing the reality that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to handling money. Encouraging generosity in your community should include offering multiple giving options for donors to engage with your mission in a way that’s effortless and convenient for them!

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Check Scanning is live on the Subsplash Platform! With Check Scanning, you can seamlessly add checks through Donation Entry by scanning them into Subsplash Giving.

This means that you can save precious time and increase donation logging accuracy—making Subsplash Giving the all-in-one solution to help fuel your mission! 





Say goodbye to manually entering every detail of donations given to your ministry in the form of a check. Subsplash Giving makes it simple to get started with Check Scanning! 

  1. Open a batch in Subsplash Giving
  2. Create a new gift & toggle on check scanning
  3. Scan a check with an external scanner, then save your entry!


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Already using Subsplash Giving and have questions about how to use Check Scanning? Check out this Knowledge Center article to get started, or contact your Client Success Manager by logging in to your Subsplash Dashboard.


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