Free discipleship resources: Our top 15 picks

The discipleship process of guiding people along their faith journeys remains as important today as it has for over 2,000 years. However, what has evolved significantly in recent years is the diverse range of discipleship resources available online and in print.

Traditionally, discipleship books and classes are the primary tools for fostering spiritual growth. While these continue to hold immense value, today we are blessed with a wide range of modern options such as podcasts, blogs, and creatively crafted videos—many available for free. These tools not only disseminate knowledge but also make discipleship more engaging and accessible than ever before.

Let’s dive into 15 free, yet powerful, discipleship resources and see how they can further enrich spiritual growth in your church community.

The 15 best free discipleship resources

1. The Navigators

For the last 90 years, The Navigators has been helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. On their website you’ll find a discipleship resources page packed with guidance, tools, and inspiration on a variety of topics. They offer downloadable ebooks, Bible studies, illustrations, prayer guides, and real-life stories of people using these resources on their own spiritual journey.

2. Multiply Movement

Pastor Francis Chan has made his book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples available for free as a PDF download on his website. Along with Pastor David Platt, he’s recorded 24 video lessons that cover topics discussed in each chapter of the book aimed at equipping individuals and churches to go and make disciples on a local and global scale.

3. is helping devoted followers of Christ through their extensive collection of ebooks. In addition to a library of free resources, The Disciple Maker's Podcast facilitates meaningful conversations centered on discipleship. Tune in to hear pastors like Shodankeh Johnson, Jim Putman, and Bobby Harrington discuss Jesus’ way of disciple-making.

4. BibleProject

BibleProject is a crowdfunded organization with a mission of inspiring the next generation to dive deep into scripture through podcasts, articles, videos, classes, and more. The team at BibleProject uses captivating illustrations and cinematics to teach biblical principles, engaging readers in a transformative and approachable way. With over 180 videos, 350 podcast episodes, and a mobile app, this resource is invaluable for your discipleship efforts.

5. Impact Discipleship Ministries

For over 20 years, Pastor Ken Adams of Crossroads Church in Newnan, GA, has made his original curriculum and resources available to other church leaders and individuals around the globe. Impact Discipleship Ministries offers free downloadable ebooks, conversation guides, and journals to help people learn how to make more and better disciples. 

6. Discipleship Evangelism Course 

The Discipleship Evangelism course, created by Andrew Wommack and Don Krow, is a 48-lesson experience focused on a vital truth—God calls every Christian to be a disciple-maker, not just a convert. Available in over 40 languages, this discipleship resource covers foundational biblical principles and even offers guidance on using your spiritual gifts to minister to others.

7. The Prayer Course

The Prayer Course and The Prayer Course II are designed to equip the Church to learn and grow in prayer. Pete Greig, founder of the 24-7 Prayer organization, leads participants through lessons in each course with video sessions and small group PDF guides. 

8. Core Discipleship

After leading successful groups in his local church, Doug Morrell launched Core Discipleship to provide free discipleship resources for everyone. His 194-page workbook offers a well-structured guide for starting a 3 to 12-month discipleship journey. Before diving into group teaching, leaders and students are walked through the CORE Group process, building foundational leadership skills and laying groundwork for the course.

9. The Gospel Coalition

As a fellowship of churches in the Reformed tradition, The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is driven by its commitment to preserving church history. This network supports the body of Christ through gospel-centered resources with articles, podcasts, and videos often tackling the challenging aspects of making disciples. From Tim Keller to R.C. Sproul, you’ll find a collection of prominent voices sharing God’s wisdom. 

10. Disciplers International

Founded by Bart Physioc, Disciplers International fulfills its mission of growing disciples of Christ into effective leaders and disciplers for Christ through guidebooks, workbooks, and an in-depth course. Their "Step-by-Step" course consists of three video lessons and a collection of New Testament studies. There's also an optional Zoom call to meet with other participants and the Disciplers International team.

11. ReadScripture

In 2016, Francis Chan and BibleProject launched a year-long Bible reading plan with the ReadScripture app. Users embark on a beautifully illustrated 365-day journey through every word of the Bible. Each book opens with a video overview of the text's characters, themes, and historical context. Scripture Labs is the app’s newest feature, taking readers beyond simply reading what the Bible says. This guided experience teaches you how to dig deeper into God’s Word.

12. Practicing the Way

Described as a curriculum for Christlikeness, Practicing the Way is an online discipleship resource designed to integrate spiritual formation into your church. The curriculum contains nine foundational practices, each divided into four one-hour sessions. Participants meet and learn through a weekly rhythm of gathering, learning, practicing, and reflecting. This experience can be run in most settings—corporate, Bible studies, or small groups.

13. Matt Chandler on Family Discipleship

Lead pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church gives a powerful sermon series on Family Discipleship, unpacking what it means to be effective parents as devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Matt underscores the significance of family discipleship, highlighting that parents are pivotal in nurturing faith within their children. 

14. Doable Discipleship Podcast

For the last six years, the Spiritual Maturity Team at Saddleback Church has recorded over 300 episodes on their podcast Doable Discipleship. Listeners will learn how to take even the smallest of steps in their discipleship journey with simple spiritual disciplines provided by the podcast team.

15. Contagious Disciple Making

Contagious Disciple Making (CDM) is an organization that focuses on facilitating a disciple-making movement to spread the gospel. They create informative media content through podcasts, webinars, videos, guides, and a Bible reading plan, which you can access through the free CDM app.

Add discipleship resources to your website & church app

Did you know that some of the best discipleship resources can be easily accessible for your church community? Think about it—your sermon videos, podcasts, blogs, and Bible reading plans are all tools personalized to speak into the lives of your people. 

Subsplash makes it easy to create an amazing website and church app that comes with a built-in searchable media library, Bibles, group messaging and much more—giving your community a safe place to engage with your gospel-centered content. 

You can also add world-class discipleship resources from The Chosen, BibleProject, Ligonier, and other ministries so people can engage with biblical content all week long. 

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