Client Spotlight: Church of the City

January 25, 2018


In 2015, a church plant called Church of the City merged with People’s Church in Nashville, TN. Over the last three years, the new church has grown exponentially, totaling over 6,000 people across four campuses in the Nashville area, and two more in New York. Keep reading to learn how they were able to adopt Subsplash Giving as their online church giving solution, keep their internal database intact, and experience a significant increase in generosity.


With such a large reach (and a large population of Millenials in their congregation), Church of the City knew they had to do something to make giving easy, and without making major changes to their internal database.

“We needed something that was more user friendly and available on mobile, and part of the attraction to Subsplash Giving was that they offered that and integrated with Church Community Builder,” says Diane Dawson, the Systems Administrator at Church of the City. “We were anxious to have an opportunity for people who were sitting in the pews on Sundays and wanted to give right there and then….an option that didn’t require having to wait to go home to their laptop to give.”

Subsplash Giving’s simple interface and direct integration with CCB proved to be the best fit for Church of the City, and they were able to switch giving providers and keep their CCB database intact. Fortunately for Diane, she didn’t have to figure out how to do that alone.


Dedicated Support.

Every Subsplash client gets paired with a dedicated Client Success Manager to help them get the most out of the Subsplash Platform. Joel DeJong has been working closely with Diane and the rest of the team at Church of the City, and their partnership has helped Church of the City make a smooth transition to the Subsplash Giving platform.

“I don’t have a background in databases or finance, so I am learning as I go,” says Diane. “Joel has been so helpful with the process. He walks me through each step of the way and whenever I encounter something I am unsure of, he is there to help me find a solution. What I really like is that I have a designated person that can help me every time. I am not just directed to whoever is available...I always know I can call Joel for help.”

Diane and Joel were able to work together find the best way to implement Subsplash Giving for Church of the City. They set up different funds for each church location, and separate donation causes within each fund for things like missionary support, disaster relief, and more. All of the donor information gets directly funneled into CCB every Monday morning with just a few clicks. This has helped make giving easier for the congregation without causing any headaches for Diane and the rest of the finance team.



Once Church of the City switched to Subsplash Giving, they had to get their donors on board.

“It was pretty simple,” says Diane. “We just announced it from the stage the first few weeks and showed people how to give through the app right there in church, and they ate it up. We still have some people who give cash and checks, but a majority of our giving comes through online and mobile.”

In 2017, Church of the City saw a 30% increase in overall giving, which helped them pay off $7 million on their buildings and become completely debt-free. As the church continues to grow, Diane and the rest of the team are excited to have a system in place that makes giving simple.

“What we love about Subsplash Giving is that it’s not complicated and that’s what we needed.”

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