3 Ways to Utilize Subsplash Web Tools

Our newest addition to the Platform - Subsplash Web Tools - is finally here! We've been working hard on this new feature set and we are excited for you to start diving into it. In the wake of this product release, here are three ideas (complete with examples!) of how you can utilize some of the new features in Subsplash Web Tools:


Media Library Embed

Remember when using the Subsplash Web Player meant that users who clicked "Sermons" or "Media" would be taken to a new page outside of your website? Those days are gone. With the Media Library embed, you can now embed your entire sermon library inside your current website. Embedding your entire media library inside your website benefits both you and your users. You'll be able to save time by uploading each week's sermon just once. By simply uploading your file to the Subsplash Dashboard and clicking "publish", that sermon will automatically populate your website, app, and podcast. With the new embed feature, your users will be able to engage with your entire library without leaving your website or going to a new unfamiliar page. We've also added a "search" feature for those of you who have more extensive libraries, so your users can easily locate any content. To see an example of the Media Library Embed, check out Desert Vineyard Church

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.56.20 AM.png

Giving Embed

Giving is an act of worship, and one of the best ways to encourage that act of worship is by making it simple. Forcing your congregation to click a link on your website that opens a third-party donation portal has the potential to deter some people from completing their tithe online. With our brand new Giving Embed, you can now embed the entire giving experience right inside your current website. The Giving Embed can be adjusted to fit many different website dimensions, so whether you want a banner, big, small, or full page experience, we've got you covered. The user experience will be the same as it is in your app, which will help build trust amongst your congregation. To see an example of the new Giving Embed, check out A Seattle Church

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.13.24 PM.png

Most Recent Media Embed

Want to highlight your most recent media item? Good news: all you have to do is set up one embed on your site one time. After that, your website will be automatically updated with your most recent sermon each week. This gives you the flexibility to feature your latest media on other website pages. Check out Reach Church's website (scroll to the bottom) to see an example of the Most Recent Media Embed. 


These are just a few ideas of different ways you can use Subsplash Web Tools. There are many other options and many exciting things in this new feature set, and our team would love to help you make the most of it! If you would like to have one of our Client Success Managers help walk you through the best strategies for your ministry give us a call at 206-965-8090 or drop us an email at hello@subsplash.com.

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