Best church websites of 2021

Your church website is the digital doorstep for connecting with your community. It’s a great place to be discovered by first-time visitors, keep your members informed, share gospel-centered content, receive donations, and so much more!

Searching for inspiration as you update or build your church website? Look no further—here are some of the very best church websites of 2021!



Besides being so visually pleasing and easy to navigate, what makes New Life Community Church one of the best church websites of 2021 is their events calendar. Having a go-to place for your members and visitors to learn about and register for upcoming events is key to increasing participation and building a vibrant community.

New Life’s events page stands out among the rest because of how it saves time for both their church staff and their website visitors. Through a powerful integration with the rest of the Subsplash Platform, all of their events are created and managed in one place—meaning events instantly appear on both their website and custom church app. Plus, each event is easy for anyone to share to social media and add to their personal calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook, and more).



Donations play a crucial role in the work of any ministry. That’s why the best church websites have a dedicated webpage that makes it incredibly simple to support their mission through online giving

For example, the giving page on Tapestry LA Church clearly lays out different ways to give—online, donation matching, cash, check, and others—while also laying out a pathway to connect with the church finance team through a web form. By embedding Subsplash Giving on their website, Tapestry LA has made it effortless to donate anytime, anywhere by selecting a fund, entering the donation amount, and choosing the frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly, biweekly). Partnering with your mission should be as simple as that!        



Churches are perpetual content creators, sharing gospel-centered messages with their audiences on a weekly (if not daily) basis. So the best church websites make that content easily accessible, whether it’s being watched for the first time or played on repeat.

On their highly engaging media page, LexCity Church lets their web visitors choose between viewing the “Latest messages,” for particular segments of their services, or “Full services” for the complete worship experience. Plus, they leverage Subsplash web embeds to highlight their most recent media item for ultimate ease of use.

The convenience doesn’t stop there. A search bar makes it simple for users to find videos by topic or speaker! For example, if someone wanted to find all of the latest messages by Pastor Brian, searching “Brian” would result in over seventy messages from Pastor Brian, sorted from newest to oldest.


Having the ability to gather information through your website—for things like prayer requests, small group sign-ups, connection cards, and more—is essential to cultivating your community.

One way the best church websites accomplish this is through online forms. Southside Baptist Church has added several helpful forms to their website by using SnapPages’ native form builder. As a multi-campus church in Georgia, they make it easy for visitors to connect with the location of their choice. For example, their life group signup form lets users indicate which campus and life group type they’re interested in joining, so it’s simple to get plugged in with a nearby group! 


Live streaming has become an invaluable tool for churches around the world as they look for new ways to stay connected. The best church websites seamlessly incorporate live streaming and make it convenient for their audiences to watch in real time or on demand. 

Anthem Church is a great example of this! Their dedicated live streaming page has all of their live content embedded directly into the site, creating a go-to spot for everyone to tune in. There’s no need for anyone to search their inbox for the right meeting link (think Zoom) or watch the live stream on a distracting platform that isn’t made with the church in mind (like Facebook Live or YouTube). Plus, Anthem has a helpful countdown to let visitors know—down to the second—how much time is left until the next scheduled church live stream begins. 


The best websites for churches make information easy to find and engage with. By using SnapPages’ built-in blogging tool for their “Devotions” tab, Genesis Bible Fellowship keeps this regularly updated content in one place and makes it easy for their community to stay in the loop. 

Plus, Genesis Bible Fellowship has made it incredibly simple to share these meaningful messages to social media via sharing buttons or to comment directly to a published post, allowing for increased engagement and greater reach.

There are so many other engaging and effective church websites, but we hope you were inspired by this list of the best church websites of 2021! All of these church websites have one thing in common—they were built using SnapPages! This drag-and-drop website builder is the best option for churches because of its ease of use, robust feature set, and powerful integration with the entire Subsplash Platform.

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Olivia Massimiano, Marketing Generalist

Inspired by her experience as a church volunteer and member, Olivia is passionate about equipping churches with compelling and useful content. When she’s not working, you’ll usually find her at the movies, exploring the Pacific Northwest, or spoiling her dog.

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