Subsplash Exclusive Guarantee Agreement

It’s simple. Because Subsplash is uniquely designed to help churches reach their goals, we will guarantee that the Subsplash platform and team of experts will help new Subsplash Giving clients* grow their church donations when they use Subsplash as their exclusive solution.

In order to qualify for the Subsplash Exclusive Guarantee, sign up for or upgrade to a current app package, use Subsplash as your exclusive Mobile Engagement app and Digital Giving solution, complete the 4-step Subsplash Engagement Plan within 60 days of signing up for Subsplash Giving, and agree to a 2 year term. If you do that, Subsplash guarantees an increase in your church donations in the year following Commencement. Additionally, we would love to bless you with discounted rates for service subscription during the 2 year term.

If your church donations don’t increase in the year following Commencement, notify Subsplash within 30 days of the first anniversary of the Commencement date and provide supporting financial documentation and Subsplash will provide your second year of subscription services for free.

The discounted rates will begin at the time of signup or upgrade and stay in effect during the 2 year term as long as Subsplash is your exclusive Mobile Engagement app and Digital Giving solution. If that is not the case at any time during the term after the Commencement Date, you will then be charged at the then-current regular subscription rate for that package for the remainder of the term and the Subsplash Exclusive Guarantee is null and void.


  • Offer valid for initial app package sign-up or upgrade dates is on or after September 27th 2018.

  • This offer is only valid for current versions of the following Subsplash Packages: Prime, Premium, and Pro.

  • All Subsplash services shall be subject to the terms of the Subsplash Terms of Service.

  • “Mobile Engagement app” means software applications for mobile devices for the purpose of connecting and  engaging with your church community.

  • “Digital Giving solution” means electronic donation processing for credit and debit card payment processing, ACH, and donations via mobile apps, websites, and text giving.

  • The following 4-step Subsplash Engagement Plan must be rolled out within 60 days of sign-up in collaboration with your Client Success Manager:

  1. Enable Subsplash Giving as your exclusive Digital Giving solution in your Subsplash Mobile Engagement app and on your website via Subsplash web embeds.

  2. Roll out Subsplash Giving to your leaders by having them sign-up and give.

  3. Announce to your congregation via Sunday gatherings, your website, social media, and Push Notifications.

  4. Implement Recurring Donor Migration Strategy with your Client Success Manager.

  • “Commencement” is the date that your church completes the Subsplash Engagement Plan.

  • Growth determination will be based on donations during the 12 months following the Commencement date, using for comparison the 12 months prior to sign-up excluding donations to capital campaigns, disaster relief funds, or similar type unique fundraising events.

  • Clients already using Subsplash Giving qualify for the special discounted subscription rates when upgrading to the current Prime, Premium or Pro Subsplash packages.

  • If you would you like to speak with an expert about setting a specific target growth percentage, we would love to set up a consultation.

  • Guarantee will not apply if, during the year after Commencement, (i) the church experiences a decrease in attendance or membership of 10% or more or (ii) churches nationally experience an average drop in giving of 10% or more.

*If you are an existing Subsplash Giving client and would like to learn if your church qualifies for the Subsplash Exclusive Guarantee, we would love to arrange a consultation with an expert on our team.