Year-end giving strategies (that really work)

November 13, 2023

Church leaders know that year-end giving can have a big impact on their annual budget, which helps to fulfill their mission. In fact, churches receive an average of 30% of their annual donations in the month of December alone! This is why creating an engaging and effective end-of-year giving campaign is essential to your church’s financial health and its ability to continue impacting your community. 

If you haven’t started planning yet, don’t worry! This guide will show you what to communicate and how to get your message across, as well as the best giving tools to maximize your year-end gifts.

How to engage donors for year-end giving

The key to creating an effective giving campaign is to focus on your donors. These are your partners in ministry, individuals who believe in your mission enough to offer support out of their own pockets!

Here are five best practices to effectively communicate your end-of-year giving campaign:

1. Say “thank you” & stay positive

Express genuine gratitude to your members who have given their time and money to your organization. Maintain a positive message throughout your communications with donors, and share stories of success that resulted from their generosity.

2. Keep it short & simple

People have limited time and attention, so make every word count! Focus on the reader and only include what is compelling and relevant.

3. Share the good

Excite your donors by celebrating every win—like financial goals your church accomplished throughout the year leading up to your campaign. Demonstrate how you’re doing good by sharing real-life stories and testimonies. Paint a picture of your impact on the world with numbers and statistics. For example, “With your help, 100 people gave their lives to Christ”, or “Your support allowed us to send 12 mission teams around the world.” 

4. Cast your vision & share goals

Spread your vision for the next year and outline your goals. Be sure to provide specific and attainable objectives that inspire your donors. Your community will feel more compelled to donate to make your well-planned vision a reality. 

This is also a good time to remind donors about any of your current or upcoming in-person or online fundraising events

5. Create calls to action

Once you’ve thanked your donors, shared this year’s achievements, and outlined your goals, it’s time to call your donors to action. Clearly relay what you’re asking from them, as well as the options they have for donating. Point donors to your giving website, custom mobile app, and text-to-give solutions. Also, highlight tax deductions and any other benefits they may receive from their contributions.

How to communicate your end of year giving campaign

How to communicate your end-of-year giving campaign

When it comes to fundraising appeals, communication is key. Taking a multichannel approach to sharing your year-end giving message will most effectively raise awareness for your church’s goals and financial needs. This means having a consistent message and driving awareness through each channel, including your church’s website, custom mobile app, social media, and email. It also lays the groundwork for receiving more donations in the future. Let’s take a look at some effective ways you can do this. 

Add multimedia and visual elements

Before sending any  communication, start by creating some engaging images and multimedia content to attract people to your campaign. Create videos of testimonials from your volunteers, as well as those who have been impacted by your church’s outreach. Don’t forget to celebrate milestones and thank your supporters for their generosity!

Having these elements in place will help you more effectively communicate your message. They also provide useful resources for your supporters to share on their individual social media pages.

Here are the channels you should use to communicate and engage your donors: 


  • Add a year-end giving section to your homepage with a link to your main donation page.
  • Create a dedicated webpage that details your year-end appeal .
  • Include a link to your giving page on your website’s navigation bar.
  • Provide information about how to contribute cash, check, stocks, and non-cash gifts.

Pro tip! With Subsplash Giving, your donors can choose to give smaller recurring donations instead of a larger single gift. Recurring giving will become ongoing support for your ministry into the next year.

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Mobile app

  • Place your giving button prominently on the bottom navigation bar and main menu of your church’s app.
  • Create a dedicated fund for your year-end campaign.
  • Send push notifications with clickable links to information, updates, and actionable requests.
  • Add a special end-of-year giving link on your app’s navigation bar.
  • Make a special end-of-year giving tab on your app with all the information about your campaign.

Social media

  • Share your end-of-year appeal on your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Include a link to your dedicated giving webpage.
  • Reach out to your followers and social media influencers and ask them to share your campaign on their social media.
  • Be sure to include campaign videos, graphics, testimonials, and thank-yous to make your posts more engaging.


  • Craft a compelling email subject line. As a starting point, ask yourself, “What would I open?”
  • Be sure your email drives people to your online giving page.
  • Ask for your supporters to sign up for recurring donations in your emails.
Provide the best giving tools

Provide the best giving tools

Before engaging your donors, be sure your giving channels are in top shape. If you haven’t set up online giving, consider this—churches that offer an online giving solution see an average increase of 32% in overall giving

Encourage generosity by providing your supporters with multiple convenient ways to donate. Here are the top three donation channels you need to have: 

Online donation page

Creating a donation page on your church website provides a convenient way for your users to give to your church. Be sure to include these giving features:

  • Your church’s branding—donors are much more likely to complete their donations if your giving page looks like it’s part your church’s website rather than a generic giving page
  • Button or link to your donation page on your homepage’s header and main menu
  • Donation form that is simple and straightforward
  • Recurring giving option for people who want to contribute on a regular basis
  • Donor-covered fees allows your donors to cover credit card transaction fees for your church
  • Credit, debit, or ACH (electronic check) payment options

In-app giving

People spend hours on their phones every day using apps, and 90% of adults make purchases through their smartphones. Because people prefer to spend more time with their mobile devices compared to laptops or computers, offering an in-app giving option is one of the most effective ways to increase donations!

Guest giving

Many people will want to give to your church this year, but not all of them want to go through the hassle of creating a giving account to do so.

Subsplash gives your church a "Guest Giving" option that allows people to give without creating an account. This allows your donors to give quickly without unwanted extra steps.


Just as the name implies, text-to-give allows your donors to give by texting from their smartphone. Subsplash Giving offers this service at no charge. Here’s how it works:

  • Your donors send a text to a special number for your church’s online giving
  • They receive a text with a link to your giving page
  • After opening the link, they’ll input the donation amount and submit their contribution

Next steps

Taking these steps for communicating your end-of-year fundraising campaign will help energize your donor base and increase your overall donations. A well-thought-out campaign can significantly help your church benefit from the year-end giving season. 

While most giving solutions only help your church collect donations, only Subsplash Giving is a part of a larger suite of engagement tools—The Ultimate Engagement Platform™. This all-in-one solution makes it simple for you to communicate with your audience and receive donations through your website, app, and text-to-give.

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Jeff Harvey, Guest Author

Jeff lives in Austin, TX and is a husband, father, and bonsai enthusiast. He’s served churches for over 20 years as a pastor, teacher, and missionary. He also holds a MBA from George Fox University and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

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