What to look for in a live streaming provider

May 27, 2020

How do you create meaningful experiences when in-person gatherings may be on hold for your community? Now more than ever, having a way for your community to stay connected digitally is crucial. By adding live streaming to your digital strategy, you enable your community to worship together and engage with gospel content in real time, regardless of their location. 

Whether you’re looking at streaming solutions for the first time or exploring new options to level up your live experiences, there are many factors to consider when choosing a live streaming provider. Here are three of the most important things to look for: 

Content ownership 

When researching live streaming solutions, be careful to find out whether or not the service owns the rights to your content. While free services like YouTube Live and Facebook Live may be the most cost-effective, at the end of the day they own the content you worked so hard to create. Additionally, understanding a live streaming provider’s policies is important. Some services will remove, censor, or mute your stream without notice or explanation if deemed against their guidelines.

With Subsplash Live you never have to worry about ownership disputes. Your content is exactly that: yours! 

Limited distractions

If your primary live streaming solution is a platform that specializes in something else—such as social media or video sharing—your content can become buried and hard to find. Advertisements, “related videos,” and other distractions take attention away from your meaningful content and can create higher bounce rates.

Subsplash Live gives you a clean, branded experience without the hassle of managing multiple systems and third-party services. Unlike with YouTube and other streaming services, the only content users see is your own.

Improved workflow

The best live streaming providers take your content further while improving your overall workflow. When evaluating a specific solution, ask questions like, “How does it manage on-demand media? Can I embed live streams on my website? What are the hardware requirements?” 

Subsplash Live makes it easy to stream high-quality broadcasts to your custom mobile app, TV app, and website. Your recorded streams are instantly converted into on-demand content through our all-in-one media solution, saving you the time you would need to download and reupload your content across various channels and devices. Plus, it automatically makes your content available in your media library for those who missed the live streamed event or who just want to revisit and stay connected with your gospel-centered content. Finally, we support a wide range of popular encoders so you can get started quickly and simultaneously stream across multiple channels.

Take the hard work out of live streaming by finding a solution that doesn’t own your content, limits unrelated distractions, and simplifies your workflow. 

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