Tips for taking your content further

May 1, 2020

In a special podcast episode on Equip & Engage, we discuss how every church and ministry is a content creator. Media consumption and technology provide a powerful opportunity for you to make your gospel-centered content available to your community and beyond. At its core, good technology should make you more effective and more efficient, helping you foster relationships and draw people into community.

Due to current global events, people are consuming significantly more content than ever before. With the right tools in place, you can cut through the noise, publish easily accessible content, and help your community stay connected with your unique message.

Creating regular connection points allows you to engage with your audience all week long, not just on the weekends. Knowing where to begin can seem overwhelming, but developing an engaging website is a great first step. A website serves as your “virtual doorstep” to introduce people to your church. Adding the content you’re already creating such as sermon recordings, devotionals, and online giving will help people digitally connect with your mission.

Once you create your website and add engaging content, the next step is to establish a mobile strategy. The goal is not to replace in-person interactions, but rather, to compliment these interactions and to expand your reach by putting great content in their hands. Consider adding your events, Bible reading plans, and more to keep your community engaged with your app all week long.

Restoration Seattle is just one example of a church finding success with their digital strategy by leveraging the Subsplash Platform and adopting some of these key principles. Ten times more people listen to their online services every week than physically attend their church, and one hundred times more people have downloaded their mobile app and engaged with their gospel-centered content! On average churches utilizing the Subsplash Platform see three times the number of app downloads than regular attendees.

With so many options clamoring for our attention in this tech-centric world, improving your online presence and developing a mobile experience for your community are two simple places to start in order to take your content even further. Sharing the unique story of your community's message can help expand your reach and strengthen connections. 

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