New ebook with Carey Nieuwhof—The Thriving Church Checklist

September 28, 2022

In a recent study of U.S. churches, Duke University reported that “most congregations are small, but most people are in large congregations.” This apparent paradox emphasizes the fact that the average church has become smaller while others are experiencing growth and attracting the majority of church attendees.

It is true that not all big churches are healthy, just as not all small churches are struggling. However, this nationwide trend has left many leaders asking themselves:

“Why do some churches thrive while others just survive, and what can be done about it?”

To answer this important question, Subsplash joined with Carey Nieuwhof to create The Thriving Church Checklist. This free ebook is a comprehensive guide with insights into the latest trends that are damaging and derailing churches. You’ll also find special strategies with practical resources to encourage, empower, and inspire you to go even further in sharing the good news of the gospel.

Discover if your church is built to be resilient in an ever-changing world. Download your copy of The Thriving Church Checklist today!


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